This Thunderbird designed by a highschool-dropout is stealing hearts all over India.

This masterpiece you see right here

is the resultant of a 6-months of dedication and hard work by a relentlessly resourceful yet a shy introvert by the name of Dinesh.

He rarely takes pics of himself and is generally shy of cameras. Tried hard to get this pic of him.

Born in a middle-class family of four, Dinesh was a natural hard worker since his childhood. For various reasons, in his early teen years, he dropped out of high-school and started working in his dad’s bike garage.

Since then his passion for bikes, especially the masculine Royal Enfield Bullet has grown immensely. His creativity and enthusiasm were however limited by his conservative father who wanted him to “settle down”.

Here is a glimpse of his humble garage crowded with bikes from loyal customer fan base.

How it all started:

One day while Dinesh was working on a custom-design of his own, his dad challenged him that he can never finish the assembling, let alone design and sell it.

This made Dinesh more determined than ever to not only finish the project but also to prove himself capable and worthy.

He vowed to himself that he will not cut his hair nor shave his beard until he’s fully done with designing his dream project and went confidently in the direction of his dreams and never lost hope.

He vowed not to shave his beard nor get a haircut till he’s finished with his project.

Initial Roadblocks:

Finding time for his project was the major setback. Servicing and repairing the bikes of his regular & loyal customers during the day,


Dinesh repairing a bike during the day.

and working on his dream project during the after-hours at night, he worked single-handedly towards realizing his dream.

He faced a lot of roadblocks during the actual build as there were compatibility issues with the assembling of the parts. For instance, the chassis was a bit narrow and wouldn’t allow the wider and shorter rear tire. This is just one example.

At times he struggled to find the necessary capital to buy some of the parts but his childhood friends from his school supported him.

Slowly his dream bike started to take shape. He captured this with a basic camera phone of his, hope you pardon the poor image quality.

He brainstormed and consulted with various senior casters and molders to get the desired shape for the fuel tank. 

Desigining the bike was truly a herculean task given the amount of scarce resources he has and the single person team he is. 

The bike also comes with an optional pillion seat for those who don’t like to go solo.

Special Features:

Fuel Tank:

Custom-made, custom-designed and made from Galvanized Iron to prevent rusting.

Body Color:

Royal Blue(light).

Here are other color variants available on-demand:

Charcoal Grey
Wine Red
Forest Green
Lemon yellow









However, the colors can be customized to individual appeal and taste.


The exhaust comes in three optional variants.

Option 1: Default chrome-plated OEM exhaust.

Manufacturer supplied OEM exhaust.

Option 2: Matte Black exhaust, reminiscent of the M-134 Minigun.

M-134 Minigun; Image: source.

Option 3: Chrome-plated Twin-Exhaust reminding of the Beretta M3 dual action shotgun.

Chrome plated twin exhaust inspired by the Beretta M3 dual-action Shotgun.
Beretta M3 dual action shotgun.


 Battery charge Indicator:

The battery charging indicator is placed on the right side instead of the usual top.

Battery charge indicator on the side.



The speedometer pointer is custom-made, inspired by that of a Long Tom Cannon gun.

Custom-made speedometer pointer reminiscent of a Long Tom Cannon gun.
A Long Tom Cannon Gun
See-through window:

This is a special attraction in the bike, a transparent see-through window has been cut and attached with a toughened acrylic glass window.

However, the real beauty shows up when the engine is warm and the engine oil inside it seems to be dancing to the tune of the engine. It’s really a beautiful sight to watch.

Wheels and Tyres:

Both the front and rear are fitted with alloy wheels which provide extra stability during bumps and potholes.

Both the tires are fitted with the high-quality Michelin tires which provide excellent traction on all types of road surfaces.

LED lights:

The alloy wheels are also fitted with blue LED lights which add to the overall beauty of the bike and are absolutely stunning to watch especially during the night.


Custom-made, single-piece wide handlebar for a commanding yet relaxed posture while riding and maneuvering.

Notice the custom-made fuel tank cap.
Body decals: Optional
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

At Tirupati, to fulfill his vow and shave off his 6-month old beard and hair.

Dinesh on the far-right with his friends at Tirupathi to shave his 6month old beard and hair.
Dinesh, a few days after his haircut and shave.
Chassis and Registration number:

The bike has a genuine registration number and an authentic chassis number. Here’s a screenshot of the details from the Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Office website:

Front View:

Notice the custom-designed tail lamp and mudgaurd

If you would like to buy the bike, it is quoted at 1.8 Lacs (Negotiable) including all the three optional exhausts! Yes, you’ve read that right!!

Is it worth it?

Well, the answer to that is subjective but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind grabbing all the attention on the roads, who dares to be different, doesn’t mind travelling the road less traveled and loves to stand out from the crowd, there’s no reason not to buy this son of a gun.

With the M-134 minigun and the Beretta dual action shotgun at the exhaust, Long Tom Cannon gun in its speedometer it has the original Royal Enfield’s “Gun & Bullet” theme shot all over it.

So if you’re a die-hard fan of the Royal Enfield Bullet, this is your dream come true!

Besides, you’ll always have a story to tell of its artistic expression; the story and struggle of one man’s imagination, dreams, and unconquerable will to win against all odds. You can also ride with pride to have encouraged such awesome talent to produce more such unique masterpieces by contributing to his growth; You will definitely have “bought” that feeling.

So if you know someone who might be interested in buying it, or if you found the story inspirational share it to your friends.

You can contact Dinesh at +91 9395566162/9346477444 or connect with him on facebook.


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  1. Happy to see you on Facebook with your dream bike miss u dinni. When I’M going to service of my bike I remember the memories of your bike shed.rock on bike.i luv the bike it’s awesome dinni.

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