Conquer the 3 ‘C’s that are pulling you back.

1. Complaining- Instead of doing something about it.

If you find yourself complaining about others, or even worse, for your own situation in life, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been playing the blame game and have not taken full responsibility for your life, yet!

Except if it’s because of your ill-health and other misfortunes, YOU are responsible for your situation in life.

People who complain often, rarely take responsibility for their actions in life.

They get used to complaining, instead of doing something about it. They don’t take the matter by the horns and wrestle through it to completion; Instead, they’re just comfortable being cowardly, fooling themselves that somehow someone else is to be blamed for their own inability, indecisiveness, and timidity.

Remember, if you’re complaining, you’re incidentally waiting on someone else to solve your problems for you. Agreeing by default, that YOU are incapable of doing anything about it.

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Mavericks Explained- What being a maverick is all about?

“The whole world loves a maverick and the whole world wants the maverick to achieve something nobler than simple rebellion!” – Kevin Patterson

A lot of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, such as Steve Jobs (Apple) and Richard Branson (Virgin) are often marked as ‘mavericks’. However; apparently most people do not fully understand the term ‘maverick’, so in this blog post I’d like to explain it in more detail.

What/Who is a maverick?

The word maverick is defined by Wikipedia as “an unbranded range animal”, “One who does not abide by rules” or “one who creates or uses unconventional and/or controversial ideas or practices”.
The word derives from Texan rancher and politician Sam Maverick, who allowed his unbranded cattle to roam semi-wild instead of branding them and penning them in fenced-in ranges. That sort of independent spirit describes the companies, entrepreneurs and business leaders being qualified as maverick. Continue reading “Mavericks Explained- What being a maverick is all about?”

“Do I even look beautiful?” she asked. This is my reply.


"Hey, you've seen me, right ? 
Do I even look beautiful ? "

Only yesterday, I got this message from one of my friends. As soon as I read that message, I felt truly sorry for her.

not good enough

Here was a late teenage girl who wasn’t comfortable in her own skin;

beauty enough


If tomorrow women all over the world looked in the mirror and if they liked what they saw reflected back at them, the cosmetic companies would go bankrupt.

Guys, if a girl ever asks you that question, remember this: She has placed her precious and invaluable Self-Worth in the power of your response and you better be careful and tread lightly. Continue reading ““Do I even look beautiful?” she asked. This is my reply.”