An Ode to Selfishness.

Sacrifice — A virtue, it’s taught

By books, sages and great men of the past

That selfishness is mean and naught.

To put other’s need and want

Ahead of your own thought and heart

But in the end, it leaves you bruised and wrought.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” — we’re taught.

But how does one know LOVE, when love for oneself is lost?

Self-care isn’t selfish, it is anything but

For how does one serve others from an empty pot?

Show me a man who isn’t selfish and I’ll prove it a tort.

‘Cause the ones that don’t want the world to be self-thought

Are the ones that are the most selfish of the lot.

This one thing can determine the kind of guy you’ll marry.

If I had to pick one quality that most determines the person you’ll marry it is this – Self-Esteem.

Self-Esteem and Relationships:

When you have a low self-worth, you’ll sell yourself short to some half-smiling wit passing by and allow them to trample over you.

Scene from “The perks of being a wallflower”

Having a low self-esteem makes you vulnerable to crafty men who lure you with unrealistic praises. Ignorant & gullible women blush and giggle at obvious flattering flirtations and fall prey to guys who use them for their own benefits.

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“Do I even look beautiful?” she asked. This is my reply.


"Hey, you've seen me, right ? 
Do I even look beautiful ? "

Only yesterday, I got this message from one of my friends. As soon as I read that message, I felt truly sorry for her.

not good enough

Here was a late teenage girl who wasn’t comfortable in her own skin;

beauty enough


If tomorrow women all over the world looked in the mirror and if they liked what they saw reflected back at them, the cosmetic companies would go bankrupt.

Guys, if a girl ever asks you that question, remember this: She has placed her precious and invaluable Self-Worth in the power of your response and you better be careful and tread lightly. Continue reading ““Do I even look beautiful?” she asked. This is my reply.”