The moment my life flashed before my eyes

Behind every scar is a story of survival.

“My whole life flashed in front of me in a second.” said Sir Richard Branson when he met with a bike accident recently.

When I read that, I went back in time to the point when I was lying on the road, just like that.

Near-death experience
Image from Helen Clarke/
I thought to myself, I know exactly what he is talking about because I’ve been there too.

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Why I talk to myself and why you should too ?

talking to yourself
Robert De Niro’s famous soliloquy from the movie ‘Taxi Driver’. Credits: giphy

When we see someone talking to themselves and indulging in serious soliloquy, we jump to the general stereotype that such a person is weird or insane(schizophrenic, to be precise).


But studies from psychologists show that in fact talking to yourself will make you smarter, relieves stress, retain focus and organize your thoughts more effectively.

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