A night on the snooker table

What happens when your loved one departs and never comes back. What happens you you see your loved one in pain. Can sexual activity ease mental trauma? Is love powerful enough to make someone forget about everything. Or Can it be reason to which will make you hate yourself?

Read the story of Anya and Robin. A romantic story about a couple, who stood each other even at their odds. Will they break apart someday? Read a sweet and

steamy night turning into a terrible trauma.

A night on the snooker table

“Stop it, don’t do it.” Anya was out of breath.

“I love you so much honey.” Robin murmured.

He pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. He sucked her tongue and bit her neck.

“Don’t give me hickey, we have a meeting tommorow. What if our colleagues discover about us.” She spoke.

“You talk too much baby.” He said and lifted her into his arms. Still kissing, he found the bedroom too far to reach, so he put her on the snooker table.

Anya and Robin were colleagues at work. Anya was from another city and was not able to find herself a decent place, that’s when Robin offered her to stay in his house.

Anya declined his offer, but robin convinced her saying she can pay rent. She accepted it.

The other colleagues started betting they would fall in love with each other. Anya sternly stated that’s not going to happen.

But who can stop birds from spreading wings in the open sky. They kept their romance a secret from others.

“Ouch, why are you so wild today, something happened?” She interrogated him. He was giving her such a pleasure, that she got lost in love.  

He was acting like crazy. He was not listening to her. He was about to eat her. He extended his hand towards her breasts. Unhooked her bra, removed her oversized t-shirt and laid her on the snooker table.

He caressed her boobs and sucked them. He moved his face downwards, kissing her all body. He was not on control of himself. He licked her pussy.

“Wanna do anal baby?”. He said as he took a snooker stick on his hand.

“What are you going to do? Have you gone mad?”. She pushed him.

“Hey, back off and stop this crazy act”. She declared. But he still kept approaching her.

She slapped him really hard, “Are you out of your mind robin?”.

“Yeah, I am out of my mind, today.” He finally spoke.

“What happened Robin, why are you crying baby, please tell me.” She asked him repeatedly.

“My stepmother, I saw her sleeping with another man today again. My father saw it too! He was crying Anya. I never saw him crying, but today was the first time, he wanted to take his life for loving my stepmother so much even when she didn’t care about him.”

“Listen, Anya I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t know what to do. My heart breaks when I see my father like this. He is my everything.”

“How is your dad now?”, she asked.

“He is okay, I gave him sleeping peels. He is asleep.” He said.

“Anya, you won’t cheat on me, never, right.” He asked.

“Never, robin, I am only yours.” She comforted him.

She didn’t know, how to make him at ease. “Let’s, continue, from where we left”, She said with a playful smile on her face.

“But I’ll take charge”. She pushed him on the sofa, sat on his lap, flipped her hair in air and removed robin’s t-shirt.

She slowly moved her face towards his kissed his ears. Suddenly, she stood and moved back.

“You are the lucky one, I shaved today.” Robin finally smiled when he heard these mischievous words from Anya.

She removed all her clothes.

“Hold, on babe, give me a chance to show my charms.” He said.

He undoes his pants button. Both of them stood in front of each other completely naked. He locked her hand up in air, put red handcuffs on her soft hands, bent her on the snooker table. She was half standing, and half leaned on the table.

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“I’ll go inside you, sweetie.”

“Do, it. Wanna feel you inside me, Robin.”

Between her legs, he went inside her, repeatedly.

“Ahhh…harder.” She cried.

“Ahh…ahh..again.” Her voice became hoarse.

They became one that night, throughout the night they kissed, hugged and caressed each other. They decided to disclose their relation in the office. They slept on the snooker table, while having a sweet talk in each other’s embrace.

Early in the morning

His hands were playing with her hair, hers was in his chest. She was asleep.

Robin received a call, which woke Anya.

“Who’s this early in the morning.” She wished him a good morning with a kiss on his naked back.

“Well, you didn’t used a condom last night, what if I become preg..”. before she could complete her sentence.

He dropped his phone.

It was his stepmother in the phone call. Anya picked up the phone.

A sound came from it, “Robin, hurry to home, finally I’ll get the insurance money. Don’t you dare to fight for it.” He stepmother cut the call.

“My father is no more.” He whispered with tears filled his eyes.

“Wait, what, I mean how.” Anya was shocked.

“He jumped off from the terrace.” “He was facing from a heart. And I was here doing nothing but sex. I have nothing left. What do I do, Anya. I should have stayed with him.” He was crying like there is no tommorow. He was shattered. He was broken. He became empty.

After days passed, he hated doing sex, he even hated sight of Anya, he consumed himself in his work.

One day before leaving for work, he kissed Anya on her forehead and said nothing but glanced at her.

Anya thought, he is all better now, it would be best to reveal about her pregnancy after he comes home.

The night fell, Anya was sitting on the snooker table, waiting for his love to come back as she remembered that day when they had sex. She grabbed a bottle from the fridge to extinguish her thirst. She found a note.

The painful departure….

“I am going somewhere very far, taking away from the sorrow surrounding me. I don’t want to burden myself on you. Take care of yourself.”

Tears welled from her eyes. There was nothing but silence and darkness. She sat by the front door, still hoping that he would come back.

But he never came back that day.

Where did he go? Is he alive? What will happen to Anya now? Will he come back?

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