A rainy nightstand

A rainy nightstand: Erotic Short Story

A rainy nightstand

It was raining cats and dogs. And they were still roaming on this street.

“I am craving noodles; where shall we go”. She asked him with an expression of mischief on her face.

Unaware of her real intention, he said, “Let’s go to my place; I have plenty of noodles there”.

“Shall we?” she asked.

“Yes, why not? We can also dry ourselves there. Then I will drop you.” He responded.

Alex and Suzy were good friends. They met in high school. Suzy has had a crush on him since then. But Alex was a kind of dumb-headed guy. He never knew what she felt for him. And now, after clubbing, they are going home together.

“Here we are. You should go and grab one of my t-shirts from the wardrobe; noodles will be ready till then.” He smiled as he headed toward his kitchen.

Suzy changed into a white shirt. Her body shape was clearly visible in that translucent shirt. She was still under the influence of alcohol. She was watching her reflection in the mirror.

“Noodles are ready”. He called her from the kitchen.

When Suzy reached the kitchen, she saw him folding his sleeves up. She moved closer toward him. His eyes were still finding the bowl.

“Damn it, I couldn’t find that damn bowl. I don’t know where my maid put it. Can we eat from the pot? I actually eat from the pot every time”. He chuckled as he faced her.

Alex was in shock, as if his eyeballs were about to pop out, when he saw her.

“What are you wearing? I mean….. mean”. He twisted his tongue and didn’t know what he should say. He shook his head to avoid her.

“Look at me”. She came closer and spoke softly to his ears.

He glanced at her with desperate eyes, desperate for her.

She took his hand and placed it on her waist. She hugged him tightly and uttered, “I surrender to you tonight”.

“What are you doing, Suzy? We are friends, right?” What a dumb head he is, she thought as she heard his words.

“Shut up, you dumbhead; I’ll take charge tonight. You better work on your common sense.” She stated.

Moving closer towards him, she placed her soft lips on his chin and slowly moved to his lips.

“Are we?” Alex was about to say something when Suzy interrupted him.

“Shh,” she nodded to his question.

He lifted her from her waist. Put her on the table. His lips touched hers, and they started kissing like crazy.

He sucked her tongue, and she chewed his lips.

For a brief break, he moved towards her neck. The way he licked her neck gave her goosebumps.

“Were you acting up to be dense until now?” She couldn’t help but express her curiosity.

“I guess I needed this little spark to lighten up my mind”. He said this as he moved toward the other side of her neck.

“I am ticklish on that side”. She said this as she laughed.

“Then let me tickle you all over your body”. He responded as he took her into his arms and headed towards the room.

Putting her gently in bed, he caressed her hair. They removed each other’s clothes, now completely naked in each other’s arms.

They had a great time on the rainy night.

It was 3 in the morning when she asked, “Are we together now?”

“I am afraid we are not”. He responded. Suzy got dumbstruck when she heard him.

“Wait, what? So, what will you call what we did tonight”. She asked in a furious tone.

“Probably a nightstand”. He spoke in his husky voice.

“And I would like to spend all my nights on a nightstand with you”. He added.

“Oh my god, Alex, you’re scared to death just now”. She took a sigh of relief when she realized he was joking around.

“Let me ease you”. He said this as he climbed upon her, seized her hands, and kissed her wildly.

The rainy night brought them closer. The rainy night was the catalyst for the love reaction between Alex and Suzy. And they decide to have a nightstand every night for the rest of their lives.

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