From Struggle to Success: The Journey of Maverick Freelancers

Full Name: Anshika Kumari

Pen Name: Anvi Aisha


Poetry Writing


Phone Number: +91 9263296064


Instagram: Anvi_Aisha2

LinkedIn: Anshika Kumari


Matriculation, CBSE, 2018

Intermediate (Commerce), CBSE, 2020

Graduation (B. Com), UGC, 2023

Who I Am?? Anshika…..

I am the founder of Maverick Freelancers, and I want to share my story with you. At 21 years old, I’ve seen more in life than many people twice my age. My journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s been the path that led me to create Maverick Freelancers and

I am Anshika, but you may also know me by my pen name, Anvi Aisha. I wanted to take a moment to share my story and my journey with you.

I look back at a life that has been far from ordinary. My story began on December 19, 2001, when I was born into a world filled with challenges. A significant turning point came when at the tender age of just four years old, a moment that would shape my life in profound ways. I lost my mother, leaving behind a nine-month-old brother. This loss marked the beginning of a life filled with adversity.

I never stayed at one place as nobody wanted to keep us. Our academic years were spent in hostels, far from the comforts of a traditional family home. Then we stayed at my maternal uncle’s home, then we moved to my parental home after fourteen long years. We used to stay at our aunts’ home for some months and sometimes somewhere else.

Life was tough, and it seemed as though hardship was a constant companion. From early family traumas to enduring physical molestation, my journey has been marked by challenges that most can scarcely imagine.

I share these experiences not to evoke sympathy but to inspire. There were moments when life seemed unbearable, and I contemplated ending it all. However, there was one profound reason that kept me going – my younger brother. I felt an immense responsibility towards him. In a family where love and acceptance were scarce, my longing for parental love went unfulfilled.

Even when hope seemed scarce, I clung to the idea that things could get better. I yearned to be accepted, to make them love me, but my efforts were often in vain.

Living in a small village and constrained by my circumstances, I yearned for change. I was rarely allowed to venture outside my home, but I wasn’t deterred. I pushed my boundaries. I was determined to transform myself and create a better future. With limited opportunities and within the confines of my home, I discovered the world of freelancing during my second year of college. Guided by a cousin, I embarked on a journey as a content writer and freelancer. I still remember my first paycheck, a modest 500 rupees, marked the beginning of my path to financial independence.

Freelancing became the anchor that held my life together, offering a sense of independence and self-worth I had always craved.

Today, I may not be earning millions, but I earn enough to provide for myself and my brother. Freelancing became my lifeline, offering me the independence and self-worth I had longed for. This journey from adversity to success led me to create Maverick Freelancers and

Through my website, I share my experiences, writings, and guidance to help others find their own path to success. My story is a testament to the power of resilience and determination, an inspiration to all who face challenges in life.

As you join me on this emotional journey, I hope to remind you that together, we can overcome adversity and create a brighter future.

With hope and resilience,


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