BTS in India: Chapter 1

BTS in India #1: A Chance Encounter

When Dolly met Taehyung

In the bustling city of Kolkata, a young woman named Dolly found herself sitting in a quaint café. Cradling her baby son in her arms, she was reminiscing about her youthful days as a passionate fan of Bangtan Boys.

It had been a rollercoaster ride of emotions following their journey from debut to superstardom. Dolly had been there every step of the way, cheering them on, listening their music and even learning Korean to understand their lyrics better.

As she prepared to leave the café, a sudden collision occurred. Someone wearing a mask with distinctive blond hair bumped into her.

Reacting instinctively, Dolly scolded the stranger without a second thought. “Can’t you watch where you’re going?” she exclaimed in a mixture of surprise and annoyance.

The stranger, still wearing the mask, immediately began apologizing in accented English, “I’m really sorry, mianhe, jinjja mianhe.” His eyes conveyed a genuine sense of remorse.

Dolly, caught off guard by the unexpected apology, stared at the stranger in disbelief. She asked with disbelief in her eyes, “Is that you, Tae?”

With a nod, the stranger removed his mask, revealing his face. Dolly gasped and stumbled backward, her eyes welling up with tears. It was Taehyung, V, one of the most handsome and beloved members of BTS, standing right in front of her.


( In the year 2028, the world witnessed a long-awaited and emotional reunion of the iconic K-pop group, Bangtan Sonyeondan. After serving their mandatory military service, the seven boys fulfilled their promise to their fans by coming back together. The promise they had made years ago had become a reality, and the anticipation was palpable.

As Bangtan Boys embarked on their world tour campaign, they decided to make a memorable stop in India. It was a destination they had always been curious about, and they were eager to explore the rich culture and vibrant atmosphere of the country. However, they chose to keep their visit to India a closely guarded secret, known only to their management and a select few.

The journey began with the seven members and their team landing in India, but there was a twist. They decided to venture out individually to different parts of the country before reuniting for a grand concert. Each member was accompanied by a small crew to document their experiences and adventures.)


Overwhelmed by emotions, Dolly fainted, unable to contain her shock and joy. When she regained consciousness, she found herself in a car. The man who had bumped into her earlier was now holding her baby son while seated beside her. Dolly’s heart raced as she realized she was in the presence of her idol.

Taehyung noticed her awakening and immediately expressed concern. “Are you okay, miss?” he asked, his eyes filled with worry.

Dolly managed to gather her composure and replied, “Yes, I think so. Is that really you, Taehyung?”

Taehyung smiled warmly and confirmed his identity. Dolly couldn’t hold back her tears as she looked at the man she had idolized for so long.

Her baby son, also named V after Taehyung, began to cry. Dolly took her son from Taehyung’s arms, and he tried to comfort the baby. “It’s okay, little V,” she said in a gentle voice.

Dolly shared her story with Taehyung, explaining how much BTS had meant to her during her teenage years. She talked, the countless hours she had spent listening to their music, and the profound impact the group had on her life.

Taehyung listened attentively, touched by her words. He hugged her tightly, offering words of comfort and gratitude for their dedicated fans.

“We love our fans, and we will always remember you.”

Dolly’s tears flowed freely, and Taehyung draped his arm around her, providing solace and reassurance.

As the car approached Dolly’s home, Taehyung realized he had a concert to prepare for and couldn’t stay longer. However, he extended an invitation to Dolly and her baby to attend the show. Dolly accepted with tears of joy, knowing that this unexpected encounter was a dream come true.

Before parting ways, Taehyung asked to hold the baby once more.

“He looks a lot like me, isn’t he?” As he cradled the infant, he remarked on the baby’s striking resemblance to him.

He whispered into the baby’s ear, “Hey, boy, let’s make a man-to-man promise. You’ll take care of your mother in my stead since you’ve got my name.”

The baby, in his innocence, touched Taehyung’s hand as if sealing the unspoken vow. Taehyung kissed the baby’s tiny palm before handing him back to Dolly. With a heartfelt farewell, he promised to meet again someday.

Dolly watched Taehyung’s car drive away, tears of happiness and disbelief in her eyes. Finally, she had the chance to express her love and gratitude to the idol who had brought so much joy and inspiration into her life.


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