BTS in India #2: Dance of Destiny

BTS in India: Chapter 2

BTS in India #2: Dance of Destiny

For Prologue Read First Part : BTS in India: Chapter 1

In the heart of Delhi, the night unfolded with pulsating music and the vibrant glow of neon lights. J-Hope, a member of the global sensation BTS, sought to immerse himself in the rich culture of India while keeping a low profile. He was determined to explore the city without attracting a frenzy of fans.

J-Hope found himself in a club renowned for its electrifying dance floor. The music was a rhythmic cacophony that reverberated through the air, while multi-coloured lights painted the scene in vivid hues.

Amidst the dynamic dancers, he couldn’t help but be drawn to a young woman who moved with a mesmerizing grace, her every step a testament to her artistry and passion.

Her dance was a whirlwind of elegance and skill, captivating J-Hope’s attention. Her movements seemed to defy gravity, and he was utterly captivated by her performance.

Determined to show his appreciation and intrigued by her talent, J-Hope decided to approach her.

“Wanna drink with me. Can we dance together?” He offered her a drink as a token of appreciation for her remarkable performance.

With an irresistible charm, they danced together, their bodies moving in perfect harmony with the music’s rhythm.

Their bodies moving in perfect harmony to the music’s beat. She didn’t recognize him as the famous K-pop star and a member of BTS, she was but was drawn to his infectious, cute sunshine smile.

There was an unspoken connection forming between them, one that transcended the dance floor.

As the night deepened, she longed to know more about the person behind that charming smile.

“Can I have your phone number.” She mustered the courage to ask for his phone number, and although J-Hope hesitated, he understood the sincerity of her request.

“He said I am a foreigner I don’t have Indian number”. He said had his reasons for not sharing his number, but he wasn’t ready to let this connection slip away.

Instead, he asked for her number, and she eagerly shared it. Little did she know that this simple exchange would set the stage for an unexpected adventure.

“Can you us for a dance performance, our one member is sick, there is a place behind this club, we can practice there. I have few other members too”. 

Without hesitation he agreed.

“How about 4pm sharp tomorrow?”

“Okay, sure, I’ll be there.”

The following day, they were about to meet for dance practice.

She was waiting for him with yearning for his glance. Her friends said he is not gonna come let’s start practice.

“Mianhae, I am sorry. I was Forgot the directions.” J-Hope entered the hall with a sunshine smile in his face.   

J-Hope, renowned for his exceptional dance skills, took charge of choreographing their group. Despite their proficiency as seasoned dancers, they were astounded by the grace and precision of his movements. J-Hope wasn’t just a phenomenal performer but also an extraordinary choreographer.

As they practiced, the girl showed immense dedication, quickly picking up the steps he taught. J-Hope was impressed by her determination and her ability to adapt to his choreography so swiftly.

On the day of final performance, during a backstage moment, their eyes locked as she stumbled slightly.

He caught her in his arms, and in that fleeting moment, something sparked between them. The depth of their connection was undeniable, even in the midst of the chaos backstage.

“Hey, are you okay? Our performance is next.” Someone Interrupted. 

Their performance on stage was a spectacle. The audience couldn’t contain their excitement, chanting “J-Hope, J-Hope, BTS, BTS” in unison.

His fans recognised him.

As they concluded their dance, he blew a kiss to his adoring fans before swiftly retreating backstage. The girl followed, encountering resistance from J-Hope’s vigilant bodyguards.

“Let her come.” He shouted as he stood next to his car.

“Hey, you are leaving so soon. Why don’t you saty for a moment.” She spoke with a melancholy voice.

“I would like to, but I have to leave for somewhere.” He spoke with a little bit gloom in his voice.

“Oh..Okay, its fine. Here’s is your pay for today’s performance. Don’t you dare to refuse.”

She handed her a generous payment for their performance, insisting that he accept it. He was touched by her innocence and agreed to take it.

Once again, he couldn’t help but praise her. “You are an incredible dancer,” he said, his warm smile making her heart skip a beat. “And you’ve been an amazing friend these past few days.”

As he prepared to depart, J-Hope handed her a concert ticket and said, “I’ll be waiting for you. Let’s meet again.”

With those words, he disappeared into the night, leaving the girl with a ticket to his world, a heart filled with hope, and the promise of another encounter that would forever change her life.

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