BTS in India: Chapter 3

BTS in India #3

A Library Liaison

One fateful day, as RM immersed himself in a seemingly tedious social studies book, the girl couldn’t contain her concern any longer. Without even lifting her gaze from her own book, she cautioned him, “Don’t go over there, or you’ll be in danger.” Her words carried an air of nonchalance.

In the bustling city of Bangalore, RM, the charismatic leader of BTS, found himself in an unanticipated predicament. Despite donning a mask and trying to maintain a low profile, his regular visits to the local library had begun to draw attention. Unbeknownst to him, a young girl had been observing him from the shadows, and she decided it was time to intervene.

RM, intrigued by her mysterious warning, replied, “Are you talking to me, little girl?” His curiosity piqued; he awaited her explanation.

“I am not a little girl. Perhaps you can call me your saviors,” she retorted, her tone laced with humor.

“Why is that?” RM inquired, intrigued by her assertive demeanor.

She looked at him briefly, disgust evident on her face as she glanced at the social studies book he was reading.

“Look at those girls over there,” she gestured subtly. “A few days ago, one of them recognized you and brought her army of fangirls here. If you step outside now, they’ll capture you, dissect you into pieces, and keep you all to themselves,” she chuckled audaciously without lifting her eyes to him.

RM couldn’t help but smile at her dramatic warning.

“So, you recognized me even though I’m wearing a mask?”

“I’ve known who you were since your first visit,” she admitted casually. “But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of BTS.”

RM was intrigued. “If you’re not a fan, how do you know me?”

Rolling her eyes; she finally looked at him, she replied, “Ugh, do I have to explain everything to you?

My Sis said you are damn, ’I-n-t-a-l-l-i-j-e-n-t’. she spelled in a dramatic way.  “But are you slow?”

My sister is the one who’s crazy about BTS. Her room is filled with posters of you guys. The first thing we do when we enter her room is greet those good-for-nothing posters that have taken over her perfectly painted walls,” she sighed, mimicking her sister’s dramatic sighs.

RM laughed heartily at her description. “Keep your voice low,” she cautioned him.

“Let’s go sit in that corner. We won’t come into your fans’ sight,” she suggested, leading the way.

They moved to a quieter corner and began chatting.

RM asked if she was a high school student. “Yep, I am, but I’m more mature than I look,” she assured him.

“Yeah, I can Clearly see that.”

As they started talking, he came to knew that she wanted to impress her crush with a thought-provoking question during a school debate on the French Revolution. However, she struggled with social studies.

“We have some time, till those girls disappear. What do you say, wanna study with me?”

RM gladly offered to help her study, guiding her through the subject. As they studied, he also imparted life lessons about love, confidence, and self-discovery. He encouraged her not to lose herself in admiration for someone else but to find her own path towards the future.

As the day came to a close, RM noticed that the library was about to close, and the girls who had been pestering at the door had finally left. It was time for them to part ways.

It was time to leave. The girl assured RM that she would check if the coast was clear before he leaves.

But before departing, she made a special request: a picture with him to make her sister jealous. They took a photo together as a memento of their unexpected encounter. As she left the library, she signaled for RM to follow once it was safe.

Outside, RM was greeted by an empty corridor. The young girl had ensured that he could leave without any disruptions.

For the very last time she turned towards him at a distance and shouted, “you are a great mentor RM, enjoy your trip in India.”

She ran to her mother, who was waiting for her, and excitedly shared her encounter with the famous idol.

Upon reaching home, she opened her book and found two concert tickets for BTS’s upcoming show in Mumbai, along with a heartwarming note from RM himself.

On the back of the ticket was a correction—RM had spelled “intelligent” correctly.

Of course, he didn’t correct her directly because he didn’t want to embarrass her or take away her confidence.

There was also a heartwarming note: “You are a smart and confident girl. Keep fighting.”

As she blushed at RM’s kind words, she realized that her admiration for BTS had grown, and she was now a fan herself.

Note: This story is a work of fiction and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It is a fanfiction and not based on real-life events of BTS.

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