BTS in India #4

BTS Jimin and the fish cake girl

Jimin was on of Odisha, the golden beach coast stretching ahead of him. He’d been exploring local markets, intrigued by the unique flavors and the colorful array of goods. As he strolled through the bustling market, the aroma of street food filled the air.

His curiosity was piqued when he spotted a small street vendor cooking up a delicacy that looked strangely familiar. It reminded him of the fish cakes he had enjoyed back in Korea. Eager to satisfy his craving, he approached the vendor.

“Is it fish cake?” Jimin asked, a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

The vendor, realizing that Jimin was a foreigner, nodded enthusiastically, eager to make a sale. He handed Jimin two pieces of fish cake on a paper plate, preparing to charge him a hefty price.

Jimin’s face lit up with delight. “Omo, there are fish cakes in India. I’ve been craving these ever since I set foot in this country.”

Unbeknownst to the Indian world, Jimin was about to pay double the price, but before he could, a bold young girl stepped in.

“Stop,” she said, addressing the vendor. “Why are you charging this man double? Just because he’s a foreigner?”

She fixed the vendor with a stern gaze and questioned his unfair pricing.

The girl’s courage surprised Jimin, who was touched by her act of kindness. He understood her intentions, even without comprehending her words in Hindi.

The vendor, now caught in an uncomfortable situation, hesitated. The girl didn’t back down; she insisted that Jimin should only pay half the price, as charging him more was unjust.

Grateful, he smiled at her and paid the correct price. The girl seemed satisfied and gave the vendor a final, warning look before turning to Jimin.

Jimin, immensely thankful, asked her, “Can you help me? I’d like a box of seven pieces for takeout. Could you please ask the vendor to pack it for me? He doesn’t understand English.”

The girl nodded and told the vendor to pack the fish cakes for Jimin. He smiled warmly at her and said, “Gamsahabnida,” expressing his thanks.

learn basic Korean Phrases.

Cheonmaneyo,” she replied, which means “you’re welcome” in Korean. Jimin was taken aback. “Do you speak Korean?” he asked.

The girl, whose name he hadn’t yet learned, responded, “Yes, but only a little bit.”

Jimin was in shock. How could he find someone in Odisha, India, who spoke Korean.

“Who are you?” he asked, genuinely intrigued.

She simply replied, “I am Beauty.”

Jimin was momentarily confused, and he couldn’t help but comment, “Well, you are beautiful. May I have your name, please?”

With a playful smile, she revealed, “My name is Beauty.”

Jimin chuckled at her witty response, and their laughter filled the air.

“You actually look like Park Jimin from BTS, a Korean boy band”. She said.

“Nice to meet you, I am park Jimin of BTS”. He said.

She was astonished. Is this for real. “Is he really Park Jimin”. She contemplated herself, how can she not recognize him?

As they continued to chat, it became evident that the girl was a fan of BTS and, in particular, Jimin himself.

“Who is your bias in BTS”. He asked.

“It was always you”. She replied.

“Yet you couldn’t recognize me!” Jimin teased.

“It’s because you look different in real life, in a good way,” she explained.

The two of them shared a warm laugh, and Jimin continued to be fascinated by this unexpected encounter. He asked, “What do you do?”

Beauty explained, “I’m a college student. I study in a college nearby.

“Is that so?” Jimin replied, intrigued by her honesty.

“Why and how are you here in Odissa?” she asked him with a excitement in her eyes.

He explains everything to her about their secret trip to India.

See prologue in Chapter 1 of BTS in India.

Jimin, dressed in shorts and a traditional Odissi straw hat, appeared even more dashing in her eyes than he did on stage. It felt like a dream come true, having her dream bias right in front of her.

As they sipped on cappuccinos in a nearby café, they shared stories and laughter. However, their time together had to come to an end.

As they prepared to part ways, the girl made a heartfelt promise. “Jimin, just wait for me! I will visit Korea someday for sure, and I will come to see you and BTS perform.”

Jimin, about to leave, turned back to her with a knowing smile. “Maybe you won’t have to wait that long to attend our concert. We’re having one in Mumbai before we return to Korea.”

With those words, he handed her a ticket he had retrieved from her small bag, which was hanging around his broad shoulders. “This is for you, as a token of gratitude for helping me buy fish cakes for my team. I’ll tell them all about you.”

As they parted ways, Beauty was overwhelmed with emotions. Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched Jimin leave. Jimin noticed and signalled for her to smile, which she did, bid him farewell, and watched him vanish into the distance.

The encounter with Jimin had left a lasting impact on Beauty, and her dream of attending a BTS concert had just become a step closer to reality.


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