Hearts With Hesitation

Hearts With Hesitation: If one takes a step, another follows.

Hearts With Hesitation

There lived two little hearts who were as close as family could be.

Meet Suraj and Vibha, the two inseparable souls bound not by blood but by the unbreakable bond of their fathers’ childhood friendship.

Growing up, they had shared everything, from secrets to laughter to countless adventures in their large backyard garden.

One sunny afternoon, their parents had embarked on a trip, leaving Suraj and Vibha alone at home. The house, usually bustling with the warmth of family, now echoed with a peculiar silence.

As they wandered into the garden, the realization that they were alone settled in, making them both a bit uneasy.

Suraj, the elder of the two, was a reserved young man with a heart filled with affection for Vibha. He had long suppressed these feelings, knowing that their unique relationship could never evolve into something more.

Vibha, on the other hand, was vivacious and free-spirited, her heart harbouring a deep affection for Suraj that she had never dared to reveal.

The day was scorching, and the garden’s vibrant greenery glistened under the relentless sun.

Vibha playfully splashed water from the hose onto Suraj, soaking him entirely. Laughing heartily, she challenged him to a playful water fight. Without hesitation, Suraj accepted, and soon they were both drenched from head to toe.

Amidst the laughter and water splashes, something changed. Their playful banter took on a different tone as their eyes met in an intense gaze.

Vibha took a step closer to Suraj, her heart pounding with newfound courage. With affirmation in her eyes Vibha was getting closer to him. They were as close as they can hear each other’s breath.

“We can’t Vibha, we would regret this.” He said in his husky voice.

She whispered, “Why do we have to regret anything?”

Suraj, conflicted by his emotions, hesitated. “Vibha, we can’t. This isn’t right.”

“I won’t”. She interrupted.

She shut him up, “Listen to me, I won’t regret being together with you as long as you feel same for me.”

Vibha moved even closer, the determination in her eyes unwavering. “Tell me, Suraj, don’t you feel it too? The way our hearts beat together?”

Suraj’s voice trembled as he tried to explain the complexity of their relationship. “Vibha, we’ve been like siblings all our lives. It’s complicated. You are basically my sis.”

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But as their hearts raced and their breaths intertwined, Suraj realized that he did, but his heart didn’t lie. He had suppressed his feelings for far too long. His heart kept pounding, as she put her hand on his chest.

Vibha’s touch had awakened something deep within him. With a gentle, almost hesitant touch, she placed her hand on his chest, feeling his heart thudding beneath.

In that moment, they both took a deep breath, letting the weight of their emotions hang in the air. Vibha, knowing that this might be their only chance, closed the gap between them and softly kissed Suraj’s lips.

It was a gentle peck, sweet kiss that spoke volumes of their unspoken emotions.

“Do you still consider me your sister.” She spoke softly into his ears.

She was questioning herself, why did she do that? What the hell just happened just know.  She was about to cry, as she said,” I know you don’t like me plus our parents might not approve to this. But..”

“Do you remember when we were five. I Promised you; I won’t make you cry and that I would take care of you. I was in love with you from the very moment. I was holding myself like hell I can’t do this to my sister.” He spoke.    

He took a deep breath. She started crying, a little bit loud. Hahaha

“Stop crying you little fool. You know I don’t like when you cry.”

“I’ll always treat you like my little one. I don’t need physical affection.”

“You are a liar. You don’t love me.” She spoke. Her cry getting louder and louder.

“I can’t hold back anymore; I will take the responsibility if you permit.”

To his surprise, she even cried loudly and nodded her head in affirmation. He laughed as he kissed her swollen eyes.

“Not on my eyes, but on my lips.” She laughed and cried together.

He grabbed her waist, pulled her even closer.

They looked into each other’s eyes, as they broke the kiss, no longer bound by the roles they had played as siblings for years.

The world and hesitation around them seemed to disappear as they shared that moment of pure, unadulterated love. They understood that they were treading on a path they couldn’t turn back from, but it felt right, like destiny had finally caught up with their hearts.

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