Love at the Temple – Chapter 1

Love Story Of Ram And Riya

You have heard many stories about boys falling in love with girls upon observing them in temples. Here is a contradictory story of Ram and Riya.

Riya was rushing towards the temple, her steps hurried and eager.

The grandeur of the temple was surrounded by a sea of devotees, the air thick with devotion, as it was Durga Puja, a time of celebration and spiritual fervour.

Riya’s excitement was palpable, but little did she know that this day would change her life forever.

As she navigated the temple’s bustling corridors, she suddenly collided with a young man.

The collision seemed inevitable, and Riya was perilously close to falling down the temple stairs. But before she could take a tumble, Ram’s quick reflexes came to her rescue. He placed his hand on her cotton-soft waist, preventing her from a potentially painful fall.

“Are you a child?” Ram chided gently, looking into her eyes. “Get hold of yourself and don’t run like a child in the temple.”

Riya felt a whirlwind of emotions as their eyes met. His touch had been electrifying, and his words, though stern, resonated with care.

“Ram, come here”. Someone called him.

“Rammm…”. She recited with her heart.

Ram then turned away, bowing to the deities, touching the temple stairs, and ringing the bell as a mark of respect.

Intrigued by the stranger who had just saved her from a fall, Riya couldn’t help but gaze at him in awe. She couldn’t resist shouting from a distance, “Oye, hero! Let’s meet tomorrow at this very spot.”

Ram, though he turned toward her, was unable to hear her words amidst the bustling temple crowd. It was when her friend dragged her away from the scene, leaving Ram with a lingering curiosity about the spirited girl he had just encountered.

The following day, Riya couldn’t contain her excitement. She arrived at the temple, eager to meet Ram once again, hoping that he’d keep their unspoken rendezvous.

She was waiting for Ram on the spot with her friend.

Her friend, however, couldn’t help but express her doubts.

“He seems like a boy from a family of Brahmins, and you’re from a family of butchers. Do you think it will work out for you two? Besides, how can you fall in love with him at first sight? It’s all so dramatic,” her friend remarked.

Riya countered with conviction, “You know I’ve never even touched non-veg. I’m as pure as a Brahmin. And why can’t a girl fall in love at first sight? Do boys have an agreement with God for falling in love at first sight?”

Her friend acquiesced, but curiosity got the better of her. “Okay, okay, I understand. But tell me, what made you fall for him?”

Leaning on the wall, and a wistful smile played on her lips as she recalled the previous day’s encounter. “He almost touched my butts when I fell into his arms. But he quickly removed his hand from there and placed it on my waist. Even that, he left quickly and then held my hand. If it was some other guy, he would have taken the opportunity.”

“You are great. But I don’t think he came today.” Her friend said.

“He is here. I can sense it. But I don’t know where to look for him.”

The wait seemed longer to her. She left the spot and starting trolling around the temple.

Riya’s eyes scanned the crowd within the temple, and she couldn’t find Ram anywhere.

It seemed as if he had vanished, leaving her to wonder if their paths would ever cross again.

She wondered if he didn’t come today.

With a disappointment on her face, she bowed to the goddess Durga as she was about to depart.

She wished to Goddess Durga in her heart, “Let me see him tomorrow maa.”

To be continued in Chapter 2

Note: It is a work of fiction only.


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