Love at the Temple

Love at the Temple – Chapter 2

Love Story Of Ram And Riya

With the wish to see him once again and to offer her prayers to Goddess Durga, Riya visited the temple alone. She wore a light blue kurta with a white dupatta and palazzo, looking stunning in her attire.

Today, she was alone, as her friend couldn’t make it. She was a picture of grace as she entered the temple, her soft footsteps resonating on the polished marble floors.

With her dupatta draped over her head, she gently rang the bell and started offering her prayers. Her lips moved softly, articulating the mantras with clarity and devotion. As she closed her eyes, she began the parikrama, making her rounds around the temple’s inner sanctum.

Completing the parikrama, she sat in a solitary corner of the temple.

Unknown to her, someone was watching from a distance. It was none other than Ram, the very man who had ignited the spark of curiosity in her heart, but he hid himself from her view. Riya’s devotion was so profound that she didn’t notice his presence.

She thought that he hadn’t come today, just like the day before, and was about to leave. But as she got up, her payal (anklet) suddenly came loose. She struggled to fix it while adjusting her dupatta.

Preoccupied with her thoughts, she contemplated the encounter she longed to repeat.

It was at that moment that Ram finally emerged from his hiding place.

With a kind smile, he approached Riya to help her fix the payal. Her face lit up with a rush of excitement and happiness as he tenderly touched her soft feet.

She couldn’t hold back her questions. “Why didn’t you meet me as I asked yesterday? I specifically told you to meet me here,” Riya exclaimed, her voice filled with a mix of curiosity and frustration.

Ram, still slightly puzzled, replied, “I apologize, I didn’t hear you properly. I am a bit hard of hearing.

But I was right behind you the entire time on the 2nd day, in the storeroom to which you were leaning. I overheard your conversation with your friend.”

This revelation left Riya both amused and astounded. His confession hinted at a deeper connection that was slowly unravelling between them.

To reassure him, Riya decided to share a part of her story. She confessed that her family ran a butcher shop, and even though they were Hindus, they were forbidden from entering nearby temples.

She also revealed that she used to stammer but had worked hard to overcome it. A warm smile played on her lips as she finished, “You’re perfect just the way you are.”

There was a brief but meaningful silence between them, their smiles speaking volumes of hidden love.

Ram was eager to hear the words Riya had wanted to share the day before, so he pressed her for an answer.

But she said,” i am afraid I have to leave now.”

As Riya prepared to leave, she paused, looked back at Ram, and playfully teased him. “I’ll tell you tomorrow if you meet me right here in the temple,” she said.

As Riya took a few steps away, she turned to him, her dupatta lightly touching the floor.

Their eyes met, and Ram, with an endearing smile, inched closer to her.

He fixed her dupatta, which had grazed the ground, and held her hand gently.

With a gleaming smile, he asked if she was going to tell him now. In response, she blushed and ran away, leaving a trail of laughter and happiness in her wake.

Was it fate in the serenity of a temple, with the promise of a new beginning on the horizon, which brought them together?

Will they meet again?

Note: It is a work of fiction only.


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