Read the short love story of Suzen and deniel. Suzen, a spirited girl in a tumultuous home, harbors a deep affection for her protective cousin, Deniel. Despite a 6-year gap, Deniel becomes her unwavering shield. His love, initially platonic, transforms into a profound realization on a foreign business trip, leading to a journey of healing and passionate connection.


Once upon a time, in a small town nestled between rolling hills and whispering streams, lived a girl named Suzen. She was a spirited soul with an infectious laugh and an ever-present sparkle in her eyes. Suzen harbored a deep, unspoken affection for her cousin brother, Deniel. Their bond went beyond the typical familial connection; Deniel always pampered her, protected her from the world, and stood as a pillar of strength in her tumultuous life.

However, fate had its own plans. Deniel received an opportunity to go abroad for a business trip, leaving Suzen in a state of melancholy. The mere thought of his absence brought tears streaming down her face. Little did she know that the seven days he would be away would be filled with both sorrow and revelation.

Suzen’s life was far from perfect. Her father, a man consumed by anger, mistreated her relentlessly. She bore the weight of her father’s wrath, finding solace only in Deniel’s protective embrace. Despite a six-year age gap, he was the only one who shielded her from the storm within her home.

One day, as Deniel prepared to embark on his journey, Suzen mustered the courage to confess her feelings. She looked into his eyes and poured her heart out, “Deniel, I’ve always loved you, more than just a cousin. Please, don’t leave without knowing.”

Deniel, however, declined her confession with a gentle smile. “Suzen, you’re precious to me, but let’s remain the best of friends. I promise I’ll always be there for you.”

As Deniel ventured into the unknown, his thoughts echoed with memories of a past heartbreak. He reminisced about Suzen defending him against a heartless ex-girlfriend, and slowly, the realization dawned upon him — he too felt something more for Suzen.

Upon his return, Deniel was met with a heart-wrenching sight. Suzen’s father, fueled by cruelty, was violently dragging her towards an unwanted marriage. Unable to witness her suffering any longer, Deniel intervened, delivering swift justice to her tormentor. In the midst of the chaos, Suzen, adorned in a white gown, looked at Deniel with a mix of surprise and relief.

“She is my daughter; I can do as I please!” Suzen’s father bellowed.

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Deniel, his eyes ablaze with determination, retorted, “No, you can’t. I won’t let you harm her any longer. I’m taking her with me.”

With that, he whisked Suzen away, and in a spontaneous decision, he approached a nearby priest, urging him to conduct their wedding. Suzen, still shaken, was asked if she was willing to take Deniel as her husband.

She hesitated, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t let you do this out of pity,” she confessed.

Deniel, a warm smile on his face, revealed a beautiful ring he had bought during his trip. “Suzen, I’m not doing this out of pity. I love you. I realized it while I was away.”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Suzen nodded in agreement. Vows were exchanged, sealing their fate, and a passionate kiss marked the beginning of their new chapter.

The night was a blend of joy and healing. Deniel, gentle and caring, treated Suzen’s wounds from a lifetime of scars. As dawn approached, Suzen awoke to find Deniel in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for her. His presence was a comforting reassurance, and as she stumbled, he caught her, their embrace conveying a promise of a love that would endure.

She gave him a hug. In their embrace, they became lost in love.

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