The Pizza Night

Read this erotic story of two passionate lovers who were separated for a enough long time, who finally met after two years. Has anything changed between them? Or they are as desperate as before for each other.

The Pizza Night

Rolling on the bed, she felt emptiness, remembering the one who left a long time ago and was not able to return.

She took a nap but woke up again with the thought that he might come.

Out of sadness and loneliness, she didn’t have dinner. The growls of her empty stomach made her want to take a bath and have a super outside (may be to kill her lonesome too).

She got out of bed; she was all alone in the house. It’s been two years since he left. He was the soldier on the border. It was like she was practicing celibacy, but a desire was fuming inside her.

She took her clothes off one by one, removed her oversized tees, pinkish bra, and pants.

Stepping inside the steaming bathroom, she started the hot shower. The drops of water were dripping down from her boobies to her waist. Drop by drop to her naval.

She was about to apply soup to her body when a voice came from behind.

“Let me do it for you, Daisy.”

“Sam, you’re here?”

He touched every inch of her body. He was exploring her as if it were a deserted island on which he wanted to survive.

He was getting closer to her, and she wanted to kiss him so badly.

“Kiss me, Sam.” Was all she said?

“Sam, sam, where are…” She realized it was nothing but her fantasy.

She was in the middle of her shower therapy when the doorbell rang.

“Oh my god, who is this? I didn’t even order anything.”

It was ringing again and again. She rolled a towel around her and stepped out.

“God, dammit, dude, you will burst my eardrum. Hold on, who is this?” She asked, going near the door security cam.

And The Reunion……

“it’s me”. Someone answered from outside of door.

She opened the door without even thinking twice.

Her towel fell to the floor. His first sighting of her in two years was all naked.

“Are you out of mind?” He locked the door as soon as he stepped inside.

“Is this real you? Tell me it’s not my fantasy again.” She spoke.

“It’s the real me; I am sorry to make you wait this long, my love daisy.”

She stood on her toes as she approached to kiss him. It was a passionate kiss, not one out of lust. Feeling each other’s tongues inside their mouths, they went all the way towards the bathroom. Under the shower, it was an hour-long kiss, and he made sure she caught her breath in between. But it was her who was more desperate.

“Let me wash you up,” he said. The thing she was dreaming of just now came true. Giving her a warm hug. He started from her back and made his way to her hips then to her boobies. Every curve of her body was as perfect as before.

He went on his knees and licked her belly button. Moving towards her pussy, he kissed her in a row from her abdomen to her bottom.

And he took a bite of her and licked her insides. “Ahhh.” She bent down towards him, holding his hair, as he was a criminal who committed the sin of stealing her heart and her peace of mind on lonesome nights.

In a moment, they found each other lying on the bathtub; she was on top of him. His dick was inside her; her legs were resting on his shoulders. They were playing the game of adults, in which the players are lovers, not enemies, in which both win, and no one loses.

“I missed you, Sam.” She was shedding tears of happiness.

“I’m sorry; I’ll make up for every second I stayed away from you.”

“You better do, Mr. Sam, or I’ll eat you up.” She took a bite of his Adam’s apple.

“Ouch, you have become so wild. Let me teach you a lesson.” He flipped her and started tickling her. She started laughing. She suddenly sneezed.

“Let’s go to bed, or you might catch a cold.” He said he was lift her up into his arms to carry her to the bedroom.

“Let’s order something; I am damn hungry.” He kissed her lightly on her forehead and replied, “Sure, I want to have some pizza.”


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