Till Death Do Us Apart

This is a heart wrenching story of Syna and Abhir. The two who were supposed to take vows together. But they fell apart even before they could say,” I will love you, till death do us apart”, in front of holy heaven, wearing their wedding dresses.

Will their love survive the penalty of death and separation?

I hope you will enjoy this short romantic story. At the end of story, you will get the answer to the question, What is love? Love is eternal.

Till Death Do Us Apart

The sun was setting over the small town, casting a warm glow over the school where Syna taught. She stood by the window, gazing outside with a mixed feeling as if something good or bad is going to happen.

Abhir, the love of her life and a special forces officer, had been away for a year on a secret mission in a foreign land. She missed him dearly, counting the days until his return.

As the clock ticked, Syna’s phone buzzed with a message. It was Abhir, informing her that he would be back in town but for only one night due to an emergency he had to return.

He was coming only for her because it was her birthday today.

The news filled Syna with joy and longing.

The night Abhir returned was magical. The air was filled with love as they kissed and cuddled, savouring every moment together.

Abhir, with a tender touch, measured every inch of Syna’s body with his lips.

In the midst of their passion, he proposed, “Let’s get married, Syna, when I come back for good.”

Syna, with a teasing smile, replied, “Come flying a helicopter and shower red-hearted balloons on me, and then I’ll think about it.”

“Deal,” Abhir chuckled, sealing their pact.

Will you really love me always? Syna asked?

“I promise to love you always.” He affirmed.

“We will get married in both of our, mine and your, Indian’s and Christian’s customs. What do they say in Christian’s wedding. I am promising you that vow, I, Abhir, am going to love you till death do us apart.”

“Till death do us apart.” Syana repeated the heart touching words which Abhir just promised her.

A intense kiss followed….

A intense kiss followed, Abhir was resting above Syna. Every part of their bodies was touching. The surface area of their bodies in contact was huge enough to feel each other’s every pulse which were passing through their veins.

They exchanged their positions, now Syna was in top of him. Abhir tucked her hair behind her ears.  

Syna was sitting on his lap completely naked; every curve of her body was clearly visible to Abhir. The love reached its peak.

As Abhir went inside her, Syna chipped her lips and moaned his name, “Abhirrrr…”.

Two bodies met but two souls united into one. The pleasures of love aroused a Tsunami inside them. Their blood was hot as much as boiling water.

Syna gave him a bite on his neck, “I am marking you mine, now give me a hug in return.”

“Shall I not give you a hickey in return?”

“Nope, what if someone spots the hickey in school, what reputation I’ll have as a teacher.” She said.

“Oh come on, do teachers not do sex”, Ahir exclaimed.

They both laughed, they were living the best of their moments together in each other’s embrace.

“I wish this moment freezes here.” Abhir said with love in his eyes.

“Can’t you stay.” Syna’s eyes were full of tears which she was holding back. Upon watching the dilemma on Abhir’s face, Syna controlled her tears.

Abhir kissed her forehead resting on his shoulder. The night fell too sooner than they expected, they couldn’t even take a wink of sleep.  

As Abhir prepared to leave again, Syna couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. Abhir reassured her, “I’ll be back in three days, and we’ll be together forever.”

Three days later, Syna was in her school, the day proceeded as usual. The principal, a friend of Abhir’s, had arranged a surprise for Syna.

When she was called out of her class, her heart raced with anticipation. To her astonishment, she saw Abhir descending from a helicopter onto the school terrace.

Let’s get married..

“Let’s get married, Syna. I love you so much,” Abhir yelled with all his might, making her heart skip a beat.

However, joy turned to tragedy as another helicopter appeared in the sky. A bullet pierced Abhir’s chest, and he fell to the ground. Chaos erupted as the assailant fled.

The person who shot him was a foreign intruder who had grudge against him.

Syna, in shock, ran to Abhir, her world was shattering around in front of her eyes.

“Somebody, call an ambulance!” she screamed amidst the commotion.

“I did mean to startle you this much, I wanted to surprise you. I am sorry.”, With bloodied hands, Abhir touched her face, apologizing for the unexpected event.

His head was lying on her lap, just like the last night they spent together.

Syna’s tears streaming down her face, replied, “Don’t be sorry. I shouldn’t have insisted you to come soon, flying in a helicopter.”

went into the eternal sleep..

Abhir fell cold, he went into the eternal sleep.

“Please live, please, not for me but for our child. please Abhir”, Syna pleaded with him to live.

“I wanted to surprise you. I have a little Abhir in my tummy. Please wake up,” she cried desperately. She yelled but her voice was not heard.

Death really did them apart even before they could take the vows.

Years Later…

“Mum, Do you miss dad even now, 20 year later?”, The little Abhir who is now a grown up asked her mum.

Syna was telling her love story to her son, Abhir.

“I miss your dad every second of the day with every breath of mine.” She smiled.

“Death really did dirty with you two, I am sorry mum.” Abhir said as he felt sorry for her mother.

“No one is at fault, you don’t need to apologize, my love. And death didn’t do us apart. Your father lives within me, I feel him inside me. We were never apart but always together.”

Abhir who was spitting image of his father, heard the silent cries of her mother. He remembered his childhood days, when Syna used to cry in a corner of their home, she always used to hide her tears from him. He always taught, she is crying because of him, because it is difficult for her to raise him alone.

Now that he knows the reason of her late-night wails. He couldn’t be more thankful to her.

As Syna stood to leave, she gave a few words of wisdom to her son in the end, “Be sure to find someone you love more than enough, with whom even death can’t do you apart.”

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