Lovely Runner (Viki) Trending Korean Drama

Created By Team Being Maverick

High Praise

Boasting scores of 9.1 or higher on MyDramaList, Viki, and IMDb, Lovely Runner is a critically-acclaimed rom-com.

Byeon Woo-seok

Office Romance

The series offers a refreshing take on love blossoming within the workplace, specifically between a celebrity chef and a dedicated production director.

Kim Hye-yoon

Foodie Paradise

Expect to be tantalized by delicious food visuals and potentially gain new culinary interests as the story revolves around a food variety show.

Lee Seung Hyub

Strong Characters

The chef and production director are likely compelling leads, each with their own strengths and work ethic.

Song Geon-hee

Supportive Cast

A well-developed supporting cast can add humor, intrigue, and depth to the central romance.

Seo Hye-won

Humor & Heart

Look forward to a balance of lighthearted moments and heartwarming interactions between the leads.

Song Ji-ho

Workplace Dynamics

The series might delve into the challenges and rewards of working in the entertainment industry, particularly within a food production.

Park Tae-hwan

Personal Growth

The characters might embark on journeys of self-discovery and professional development alongside their blossoming romance.

Kwon Yuri


With a captivating premise and strong reviews, Lovely Runner has the potential to be a series you won't want to put down.

Han Seung-yeon

Viki Exclusive

If you're a Viki subscriber, you have the chance to enjoy this highly-rated rom-com on the platform.

Jung Young-joo