Destined with you story explained.

Destined with you story explained.

Destined with you casts.

Rowoon as Jang Shin-Yu (Main Male Lead/ Also Played in Extraordinary you)

Jo Bo-ah as Lee Hong-jo (Main Female Lead/Also Played in Tale of Nine Tailed)

Ha Jun as Kwon Jae-Kyung (Second Male Lead)

Yura as Yoon Na-Yeon (Shin-Yu’s ex-girlfriend)

Is Destined with you worth watching?

I would say that, destined with you needs a shot. In the start of drama, you may find this not tempting but in later episodes it has much more to offer.

Destined with you is a fantasy drama and involves storyline of past life and portrays existence of black magic. It is a mixture of romance, fantasy and comedy.

In this post we will know about the plotline of this drama. Read this post to know the story of Destined with you.

Destined with you Story.

The story starts with the introduction of individual lives of both male and female leads. Hong-Joo is a civil servant and Shin-Yu is a lawyer.

 The first meeting of both of them takes place at a isolated temple at a mountain. The temple was an heirloom of Shin-Yu’s family. And Hong-Joo visited the temple because many people thought it to be a cursed temple and requested to demolish the temple.

This was their first meeting when Hong Joo slipped and fell that’s when she saw him in half consciousness and assumed him to be a grim reaper. 😂😂

Later, Hong jo met Shin-Yu to get his approval to for demolishing the temple but Shin-Yu Declined straightforwardly. Upon continuous requests from her he told her to get approval of Eun-Wol (the priest of the temple who has been staying in a metal asylum).

Eun-Wol approved her to demolish the temple when Shin-Yu came to know about this he himself visited Eun-Wol to confirm. That’s when Eun-Wol told him to give Hong-jo a wooden box which is buried somewhere near the temple as she is the real owner of that box.

Actually, the box contained a book of spells. When Shin-Yu gave her the box, he asked her to promise that she would let him use one spell (You can use one spell only once) to cure his illness. He was unable to sleep peacefully and always touched by red bloody hand in his imagination.

Hong-Joo has a crush on his superior, Kwon Jae-Kyung. So, she tried love spell for him to like her back but the love potion she made from Love spell was mistakenly drank by Shin-Yu. After that Shin-Yu frequently felt race of heart whenever he saw Hong-Joo.

Shin-Yu claimed that he is not in love with her, but it was all because of love potion that he is always eager to see Hong-Joo.

Later, due to a series of event Shin-Yu fell in love with Hong-Joo in real, even tough he was committed. Hence, he break-ups with his girlfriend, Na-Yeon who seemed to be cheating on him with someone else.

The story of Hong-Joo and Shin-Yu’s past lives was that Hong-Joo was a shaman named Aeng-Cho. And Shin-Yu was a son of a wealthy family who later becomes a military admiral.

They met in their early childhood and had been together from then.

There was a scene where past life Shin-Yu asked Aeng-Cho to predict her own future, but she was not able to see her own future she can see other’s future only. That’s when Shin-Yu tells her “I know your future, as I’ll be the one doing it.” And then he kissed her.

This was the moment when I felt a sudden surge of butterflies in my heart. 🥰 🥰

But they had ill-fated destiny written on their palms.

Hong-Joo was asked to put a curse on crown prince by the queen (as he was not her son), which she declined to do so. The queen made someone to curse the prince. But the king assumed that it was Aeng-Choo (Hong-Joo), who cursed the prince. He ordered the military to torture and kill Aeng-Cho.

When they were about to kill her, she said, “Whoever stops my heart from beating will be cursed and his coming generations will also suffer from curse and die at early age.” This was the goosebump moment of this drama. Jo Bo-ah literally slayed by her acting skills in this scene.

The king then orders to trap her into a well and make her die from hunger or kill her by throwing her in front of wild animals and disremember her.

Shin-Yu who was himself military personnel tried to save her from other soldiers he freed her but yet failed to protect her. When the other soldiers were about to catch her again Shin-Yu killed her from his sword.

Aeng-Cho told him he will be cursed don’t do it but he didn’t listened her and told her that he doesn’t wants her to suffer and dismembered. That when she placed her red bloody hands on his face, which he was chased by all his life. Now you know, who is the red hand in Destined with you? It was Hong-Jo (Aeng-Cho).

In turn, he asked her to let them stay together in their future lives.

In present life, Hong-Joo was chased by a stalker, who once injured Shin-Yu seriously. After that Hong-Joo decided to stay away from him. But later Shin-Yu finds Hong-Joo and asks her to stay with him always and not to leave him.

In second last episode they spend a night together. The lovey-dovey reaction of Shin-Yu upon watching her in his shirt is pretty much famous. The next morning Eun-Wol predicted that Hong-Joo conceived a girl. When the Eun-Wol told this to Shin-Yu, his expression was like he was dumbfounded, he was shocked AF. 😂😂 😂😂

But don’t worry later it was revealed it was Shin-Yu’s mother who was pregnant and not Hong-Joo.

In last episode, Hong-Joo’s stalker kidnapped her and tried to poison her, but Shin-Yu came in time and saved her.

They started living together as a happy couple. Shin-Yu’s parents also approved their relation who were reluctant to do so in starting. Finally, their love blossomed. 🥰 🥰  

And in very last moment, Shin-Yu caught a Bouquet in a wedding of Hong-Joo’s superior, with a message that they will also get married. 🥰 🥰

Where to watch Destined with you?

You can watch Destined with you in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles. You can also watch Korean dramas in Rakuten Viki App but it requires subscription.

How many Episodes are there in Destined with you?

There are a total of 16 episodes in Destined with you, first episode of this drama was aired on 23 August 2023. This drama is already completed.

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