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Freelance online teacher: The phrase “freelancing” refers to providing services to various businesses and earning money while working flexible hours from any area of your home or other designated location, such as a coffee shop, library, etc.

If you are a teacher but are unable to work a 9 to 5 job due to personal obligations, you may choose to earn additional income by teaching online students at your convenience. This is known as freelancing teaching. An freelance tutor is first and foremost someone who enjoys teaching and learning as well as someone who is dedicated to helping others succeed in their academic endeavours. Freelance tutoring encompasses a wide range of useful skills and subjects, including music, physical fitness, meditation, and Japanese language, for example. It is available to students of all ages, including those in early childhood, primary, secondary, and adult education.

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What is freelancing in education?

Freelance online teaching is the process of instructing people using the internet. There are several options, including group video conversations, one-on-one video chats, and webinars. You can start teaching from anywhere (your home, a café, a co-working space), and you can enrol learners from all spheres of society and corners of the world. Virtually any subject or skill might be taught online, but the most common ones are languages, math, physics, and business. Additionally, families and students can view their digital learning as high-quality education for those who enjoy home-schooling or blending.

Everybody who qualifies certain criterion which are must for freelance online teaching should think about taking an initiative, if they want to be able to instruct pupils while they are at home, perhaps even in their cosy clothes. The majority of coaching is one-on-one and requires specialised equipment, despite the fact that some online academics teach in an extremely clustered environment.

Regardless of the age group or subject matter they teach, tutors need to be confident, organised, and enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge and experience to others. Tutors must have patience and recognise that each student is unique, and that not everyone will quickly understand new information and concepts.

Consequently, tutors must have empathy, be able to change their pace, and determine the optimal method for each student. An successful tutor must also be a keen observer who can spot the difficulties that their students have and modify their teaching strategies to fit their personalities and educational requirements. You can find a variety of online freelance teaching employment, including home-based and private roles as well as those working with small groups, on various tutoring or freelancing apps.

Exactly why is it expanding?

More and more teachers are choosing virtual teaching these days as a result of technological advancements and rising demand for online education.

As per a survey, Freelancing teaching  has further pushed and opened an opportunity to improve your skills and to earn additional income. The current job market, unemployment, and situation have all contributed to this. Though it has aided professionals in their personal growth despite working away, freelancing teaching has gained traction and will continue to rise.

Based on a February 2022 edition of the Economic Times Plans like Start-up India, Skill India, and Digital India in India encourage young people to launch their own enterprises and operate as independent contractors while also providing opportunities for teaching professionals. Thus, freelance teaching is presumed to have bright future as in schools and universities are digitalising themselves and so they will need online faculty also.

The students who want to start earning, to give a hand to their parents can also start freelance teaching. It will enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills, in the same place they can earn a good sum to bear their expenses. Adults who engaged in some other work or suffering from frictional unemployment but have a passion for teaching can also go for online teaching as a freelancer. It will help to earn some extra wages and also help them to pursue their passion. People who are really passionate about teaching can register themselves in domains like : Udemy,  whitehatjr, Udacity, Superprof, Datacamp and others.

Things that are must while choosing freelance online teacher as a career

  • Self-Motivated: In order to make learning more interesting and interact with pupils enthusiastically, it is crucial to be self-motivated.
  • Time management abilities: A true professional will be on time and provide high-quality work. Maintaining the due date and finishing the syllabus. Being organised and establishing a set amount of time. Keeping a list of things to do and ranking their importance. Using a time management tool to set reminders and track progress.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills: it is needed to lay out guidelines and provide clear instructions on the class schedule. Proper communication also helps to fully comprehend the student and their concerns regarding their studies. Quizzes and other interactive exercises raise test takers’ level of involvement, which enhances the learning process. The foundational requirement for kids’ academic success is effective communication abilities. It is beneficial to inform parents of a student’s progress, opportunities for growth, any inappropriate behaviour, or any learning issues. A successful teacher is one who can read, write, communicate, engage with students, and listen well.
  • Empathy and patience: These are the two most crucial traits for a teacher to possess. It not only strengthens the bond between teachers and pupils, but it also aids in better understanding them. Their academic success is aided when we treat them with kindness and compassion.
  • Ability to plan: The preparation of the study materials is essential for maintaining the timetable and facilitating prompt referrals. The lesson’s materials and resources must be assembled in advance.
  • Student engagement skills: By establishing a rapport, students will feel more at ease and be more likely to approach you. Their confidence and interest in their studies are also boosted by expressions of praise for their accomplishments or little improvements.
  • Groups or communities and connections: Stay in touch with institutions like schools, universities, and students using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, build a network, and promote your services there.
  • Strong profile: A strong profile will entice parents, kids, schools, or universities with a resume that highlights academic accomplishments, areas of expertise, and prior employment.
  • Technology sound: Sharing profiles, through audio or video, and being active on social networking sites with different institutions helps to share content or to frequently advertise oneself.

How successful teaching has benefited from freelancing.

  • It has provided freedom to manage work-life balance while working from home.
    • They can have full control over the course schedule, tuition, and instruction style.
    • If someone with a B.ED. does not want to teach in a school or college but instead wants to lead workshops on life skills for children or adults, they can teach only the subjects they enjoy teaching and avoid getting bored.
    • With the use of cutting-edge tools like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Form, Microsoft Team, Skype, and Zoom, collaborative learning can be overcome. The learner has the chance to gain knowledge, engage in discussion, pay attention to others, and have an effective learning experience. Freelance teachers’ lives are made easier by the availability of platforms like Zoom and Skype, which allow them to stay in contact with their clients.
    • The ability to watch again a lecture can help students understand the material more clearly or identify any gaps in their understanding. On the other side, teachers will appreciate not having to teach the same material over and over again.

Challenges you might face

  • Lack of face-to-face instruction, human connection, collaborative learning, or group learning are all deficiencies. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood of discovering a student’s grasping or comprehension abilities Students are becoming disinterested and bored, and the teacher may not be aware of it. Practical instruction in challenging disciplines like science experiments, lab work, or math lab. Teachers keep an eye on students, whether they are paying attention or not.
  • A job completion delay or impediment may be caused by a network connectivity issue.
  • Due to the numerous uncertainties surrounding the employment, there is a high level of job instability. No employee perks like EPF, health insurance, or gratuities are available.
  • There will be periods when you’re overloaded with tasks and others when you’re not assigned anything particularly important.

How individuals that teach online are paid

Generally, payments are made hourly, but other factors including as competence, knowledge of the language, availability online, and talents also contribute.

When a person has some tutoring experience in a particular subject, they can earn money by signing up as an online tutor on websites like,, and, creating a profile, and specifying the subject they want to teach as well as their credentials and any recent teaching experience.

Earnings range from Rs 200 to Rs 500 per hour for novices, depending on experience and expertise.The costs would be even greater for individuals who take specialised or competitive courses.


 Due to elements like technology, digital advancement, collaborative tools, freedom to work at their own speed and requirements, and a reasonable wage package, the future of freelancing teaching in appears promising. The idea of co-working facilities has made it easier for freelancers who are unable to work from home owing to interruptions or distractions from children or housework. Overall, it looks that millennials will choose to work as independent teachers.

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