Midnight Studio

Midnight Studio Story 2024 – Must Watch

Genre: Fantasy, Healing, Romance

Network: ENA

Original language: Korean

Release date: 11 March 2024

Year: 2024

“The Midnight Studio” is a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and the power of compassion, reminding viewers to cherish each moment and find solace in the memories of those we have lost.

This drama is somehow like IU’s Hotel Del-Luna. A 20-year-old, Seo Ki-joo runs a studio for ghosts along with his friends. Their main aim is to make the ghosts happy before they leave for afterlife.

It is an original drama of Genie TV. Not to mention that this is an extremely comedic drama involving a tint of horror and romance.


Kwon Nara as Han Bom

Joo Won as Seo Ki-joo

Yoo In-soo as Assistant Manager

Eum Moon-suk as Baek Nam-gu

Kim Young-ok as So Geum-soon


“The Midnight Studio” follows Seo Ki-joo, the seventh-generation owner of a photo studio that serves as a bridge between the living and the dead.

Seo Ki-joo being the possessor of the cursed camera cannot leave past 35 years and leads a lonely life also he is able to see ghosts.
Some horror scenes of this drama are very terrifying.

The studio, which opens only in the wee hours, caters exclusively to spirits seeking closure and healing through portraits taken by Ki-joo.

Alongside his team, Assistant Manager Go and Baek Nam Gu, Ki-joo helps these spirits find peace and resolution before they move on to the afterlife.

Han Bom, a passionate lawyer dedicated to justice, unexpectedly becomes involved with Ki-joo’s studio.

Somehow Han Bom meets Seo Ki-joo, to his surprise whenever he is near her, ghosts can’t harm or even touch then. It is their kind of fate in Kdrama world. She is his safe zone, a ghost free zone to be exact.

Despite her initial scepticism, she joins forces with Ki-joo and his team, forming an unlikely partnership that bridges the worlds of the living and the dead.

As the series progresses, Ki-joo and Bom develop a deep bond, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles together. The studio’s work becomes increasingly poignant as they encounter various spirits, each with their own story and unfinished business.

Along the way, Bom’s outspoken nature and Ki-joo’s quiet strength complement each other, leading to a blossoming romance between them.

Later, they came to know that Bom is cursed. And to save her Ki-joo must risk his own life.

This is where the climax of the series comes when Ki-joo embarks on a dangerous journey to return a mystical camera to the netherworld, risking his own life to save Bom from a curse that threatens to take her at a young age.

Actually, Ki-joo’s curse had been shifted to her.

Despite the odds, Ki-joo succeeds, sacrificing his own chance at a normal life to ensure Bom’s safety.

To know what happened at last episode read ahead.

Ending Explained

In the final episode of “The Midnight Studio,” viewers are taken on an emotional journey as Seo Ki-joo’s fate is revealed (that he will die no matter what), and the characters’ stories reach a poignant conclusion.

The episode begins with a flash-forward to a year after Ki-joo’s disappearance, showing Han Bom thriving in her career as a lawyer. However, she is still waiting for Ki-joo’s return, as he had promised to come back by sunrise after his dangerous mission to the netherworld.

The narrative then shifts back to ten days before the predicted black moon, which is the only time Ki-joo can return the mystical camera to save Bom from a curse.

Despite Bom’s objections, Ki-joo is determined to proceed with his plan, even at the cost of their relationship. Bom reluctantly agrees, promising to wait for his return.

Meanwhile, Ji-won, a colleague of Bom, faces her own challenges as she deals with an unfair work situation. With the help of Sung-ho, a spirit who possesses living humans, Ji-won confronts her boss and finds closure in her professional life.

On the day of the black moon, Ki-joo sets out on his journey to return the camera, facing numerous obstacles and dangerous spirits along the way. Despite the risks, he manages to fulfil his mission.

Back in the living world, Bom is attacked by malevolent spirits in Ki-joo’s absence, but she is protected by Sung-ho and Ji-won. The scars of the curse on her wrist disappear, indicating Ki-joo’s success. After that he disappears.

As a year passes, Bom and Ji-won find success in their careers, while Sung-ho continues to help new ghosts find their way in the afterlife. However, Bom never gives up hope that Ki-joo will return.

In a heartwarming twist, Ki-joo is guided back to the living world by a child ghost, who returns a toy sword Ki-joo had given him earlier. Ki-joo reunites with Bom.
And the drama had a happy heartwarming ending.

Is Midnight Studio worth watching?

I would say it was a so and so drama from my point of view.

It is a blend of horror, comedy and romance.

I hope you enjoy this drama.

Where to watch Midnight Studio?

You can watch Midnight Studio in Rakuten Viki for free. It is release by ENA network. If you are finding websites to watch Midnight Studio for free Dramacool, Kissasian and Myasiantv might be best options.

How many episodes are in Midnight Studio?

Midnight Studio has 16 episodes. It is based on Night Photo Studio; by Kim Yi-rang.

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