Twinkling Watermelon

Twinkling Watermelon Story Explained

Twinkling Watermelon Casts

Ryeoun As Eun Gyeol

Choi Hyun Wook As Ha Yi Chan (18-year-old Eun’s father, in 1995)

Shin Eun Soo As Cheong Ah

Seol In Ah As Se Kyung

Bong Jae Hyun As Eun Ho

Choi Won Young As Eun Gyeol’s Father (Ha Yi Chan of 2023)

Is Twinkling watermelon worth watching?

If this is your question, then you should absolutely go for it. Twinkling watermelon is a good drama, it is a time travel Korean drama which portrays the importance of youth. It delivers a message that one should enjoy his/her life to the fullest.

In this post, I will explain to you the story and plotline of this amazing Korean drama. Read the whole post to know more about this drama.

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Twinkling Watermelon Story

Twinkling Watermelon

In this drama, there is a deaf and mute family who are struggling to survive in the unfair world. They are often mistreated by people around them.

You will get confused in the first two or three episodes of this drama as you will realize that there are two plots going on but as you will watch further you will understand that it was the past and future of the same family.

So, there are four members in the family; both the mother-father and one of their children is deaf and mute. Only Eun Gyeol can speak and hear in the family. Her great grant mother taught him to speak before she passed away. There is a strong brotherhood between Eun Gyeol and Eun Ho.

The story of Twinkling Watermelon revolves around the main lead Eun Gyeol, who feel immensely responsible towards his family because he is the only one normal in the family of disables. Also, it is because his father and brother nearly lost their lives due to a fire wreak at their home.

Eun Gyeol’s parents asked him to look after the home and his sick brother. But he went to Mr. Vive (Actually, Eum Gyeol found himself enthusiastic about music and there was an old man Mr. Vive who offered him to teach Guitar. So, he was learning Guitar from Mr. Vive, who later died, leaving Eun Gyeol disheartened.)

The guilt of putting his family into danger that day made Eun Gyeol distanced from music (However, he played Guitar in secret wear a mask in front of others). Also, he became more conscious about taking care of his family. He acts like the translator of his father and helps his brother in his taekwondo training.

Despite all this, he still manages his own studies and shows his potency as a brilliant student.

Eun Gyeol used to play Guitar in the busy street if Seoul wearing a mask in secret. One day he receives an offer from a band to join them. At first, he declined but later something changed his mind, and he joined them. What’s more is later they were offered to join an entertainment company, but Eun Gyeol was hesitant to move further as he does not want his family to know about his passion for music.

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He was convincing himself not to get swayed by this selfish feeling and try to achieve the dreams of his parents, but fate has some other plans, he found himself at the front door of Mr. Vive, who taught him Guitar. The daughter of Mr. Vive somehow recognized him and offered to come inside. She gave him the Guitar which Mr. Vive always wanted to him.

But later his dad found out that he was secretly playing Guitar in the clubs and that’s when his father and him had a fight. Eun Gyeol furiously left his father but instantly realized that he should have yelled at his father and decided to sell his Guitar.

Then a strange store appeared in front of him, he sold his Guitar there, but something was mysterious about the store. The moment he stepped outside the store, he found himself at a different place.

At this moment, Eun Gyeol found that the time travelled to past, at that time his father (Ha Yi Chan) was 18 years old, and Eun Gyeol was also 18. Eun was confused about what he should do and wanted to go back to the future. But the guy from the store hinted to him that there must be a reason that he came to the past. Eun saw that his father was speaking and could hear too. Eun later realized that he knew nothing about his parents at all.

Eun’s father, Ha Yi Chan lost his hearing in an accident. When Eun came to know about this, he decided to stop that accident, so that his father can hear in future. Also, he found that his father has a crush on someone else, so he wanted to match-up her mother with his father.

One that was hilarious was that he himself was falling for the girl whom his father had a crush on. The 18-year-old Ha Yi Chan told Eun that he wanted to enjoy his youth as he already has decided to work hid butt off after graduating from high school. Thus, he wanted to form a band to impress the girl he liked. Eun promised to form the band for Ha Yi Chan.

They formed the band as planned, and named it manipulators later changed into Watermelon Sugar.

Eun also met his mother who was deaf and dumb from the start. She was mistreated by her stepmother and was forbidden to learn sign language. When Eun saw his mother being exploited by other people, he decided to teach her sign language to help her communicate with other people and to help her to get out of hell.

The summary of twinkling watermelon is Eun Gyeol, who time travelled in the past, met his mother and father who were 18 at that time. He is on the mission to help his father avoid losing his hearing and made his father fall for her mother.

Further in this drama we will see how Eun manages to accomplish his mission and how he falls for a girl, Se Kyung (Who also time travelled to past from future)?

From my point of view, it is going to be a melancholy Romantic drama, as we will witness teenage love and family affection.

Finally, I would like to highlight the moral of the story according to is that one should live their life to the fullest rather than spending a life of gloom while hiding their original self.

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Where to watch Twinkling Watermelon?

You can watch Twinkling Watermelon in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles. You can also watch Korean dramas in Rakuten Viki App but it requires subscription.

How many Episodes are there in Twinkling watermelon?

There are a total of 16 episodes in this drama, till now 10 have been aired.  

What is the streaming time of Twinkling watermelon?

 winkling watermelon was first premiered on September 23, 2023. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50 (KST).

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