True beauty

True Beauty Story Explained

True Beauty Story Explained

One of the most famous Korean Drama in the history of K-Series is True beauty. It is a romantic-comedy drama. Also, it reveals about the beauty standards of South Korea.

True beauty is a must watch drama and is highly recommended by avid K-drama lovers. It is impossible to find a kdrama devotee who have not watched or heard of True Beauty. Almost everyone has watched this masterpiece. You may find 1st or 2nd episode of this drama boring but I bet if you watch further it will become your favourite.

If you are new to Kdrama world and have not watched True Beauty, it’s definitely okay. 

In this post I will provide you all information about True Beauty, how many episodes are there in True Beauty, where to watch True Beauty with English subtitles and its storyline.

True Beauty Cast

Hwang In-youp as Han Seo-jun

Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho

Moon Ga-young as Lim Joo-kyung

True Beauty Story

True Beauty is a high school drama featuring Hwang In-youp, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Ga-young, who are basically in a love triangle.

Moon Ga-young as Lim Joo-kyung is a ugly girl of a mediocre family who is a victim of school ragging. Some girls of her school exploit her for being ugly. They mistreat her immensely.

Due to some reason her family has to move to some other place causing her to drop from the school and transfer to another school.  In the meantime Lim Joo-kyung learned how to do make-up and decide to wear make=up to her new school so that she wont be exploited for being ugly.

Of course, it was not easy for her to learn makeup from some videos while hiding from her family. But she conquered it, and as per her plan everybody in her new school liked her and she also made friends there.

Lim Joo-kyung, meets Lee Su-ho (who is a studious guy) and Han Seo-jun (who is a backbencher) in her new school. At first Lee Su-ho was not interested on her. Lim Joo-kyung was seen by Lee Su-ho in a bookstore without makeup. Lim Joo-kyung thought he might have recognized her but he didn’t and somehow she herself revealed that she is the ugly girl from bookstore but realized that he didn’t know about it so tried to hide.

But Lee Su-ho understood that Lim Joo-kyung is the ugly girl he saw in the bookstore and was not bothered by how she looks like. Hence, he played dumb (Acted as if he didn’t know about it).

Lim Joo-kyung, was relieved that her truth is not revealed in front of anyone. But there were so many circumstances where she was about to caught red handed.

Once, someone threw cake on Lim Joo-kyung’s face, that time Lee Su-ho helped her to hide her face. Then only she knew that Lee Su-ho already knew about her.

Lee Su-ho also expressed his feelings to Lim Joo-kyung and they started dating.

Han Seo-jun was also in love with her but he didn’t want to steal his friend’s girlfriend. Thus, he stayed as a friend of her.

Later everybody else also came to know about her. But her friends and Lee Su-ho supported her.

Both Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun told Lim Joo-kyung that she is beautiful even with out her makeup.

In later episodes of True Beauty Suho’s father got ill and he had to leave for USA. This made Suho and Lim Joo-kyung part their ways. However, they didn’t break up and decided to be in long distance relationship. Suho after going to USA got busier and Lim Joo-kyung also start studying make=up artist.

This was the time when Han Seo-jun supported Lim Joo-kyung and always stayed by her side till Suho was back to Korea.

Lim Joo-kyung and Lee Su-ho saw a happy ending together and Han Seo-jun, the most charming second lead, stayed their friend.

The Bromance and Friendship

Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun had a great bromance in the drama, both of them were best friends. There was one more friend of theirs who died in a accident and Han Seo-jun held Lee Su-ho guilty of their friend’s death.

But later the misunderstanding between them was cleared and they came into the conclusion that is was no ones fault. However, it was Lee Su-ho’s father was somehow guilty for this.

There are some scenes in the drama which shows their strong bromance and friendship. Like once, they both got into an accident while trying to save each other and after the accident they reconciled while helping each other.

I would say Han Seo-jun was more loyal friend as he liked Lim Joo-kyung but he never confessed to her just because she was his friend’s girlfriend. He had many chances to steal her from Su-ho but he didn’t. This is one of the reasons why most of True Beauty fandom like Han Seo-jun more than Lee Su-ho.

Lim Joo-kyung and Lee Su-ho meeting in childhood.

There was a small part in the drama where Lim Joo-kyung and Lee Su-ho met when they were children. It was when Lee Su-ho’s mother died, and he was very and was sitting in the bookstore. It was Lim Joo-kyung who made him laugh that time.

Love Triangle (Who liked Whom in True Beauty).

I will keep this short, 

  • Lim Joo-kyung liked Lee Su-ho.
  • Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun both liked Lim Joo-kyung.
  • Kang so-jin liked Lee Su-ho.
  • Lim Joo-kyung’s Homeroom teacher liked her sister.
  • Lim Joo-kyung’s brother liked Lee Su-ho’s sister.

Okey Dokey moment.

This was the most hilarious moment of whole drama. In this scene, Han Seo-jun was wearing a tiger print undies and dancing on the song of “Yes, okey-Dokey yo” Song by Mino and Zico.  Lim Joo-kyung saw him doing that, she was helping Lee Su-ho’s sister in make-up. She told him that she didn’t saw anything but later teased him in school.

Most romantic scene

For Lee Su-ho, the most romantic scene was when Lee Su-ho said, “can you not go home tonight”. He asked Lim Joo-kyung to stay with him.

As for Han Seo-jun, the most romantic moment was when Lim Joo-kyung was crying and Han Seo-jun said, “please, don’t cry whatever is it? It is my fault so don’t cry”. The whole fandom was in awe because of this scene and wanted Lim Joo-kyung to end up with Han Seo-jun.

Now if you ask me,

Is True Beauty worth watching?

I would definitely say, yes, it is. This is a must watch Kdrama. Even True Beauty rules over many hearts. It is a perfect drama for beginners to land into world of Korean Series.

Where to watch True Beauty online with English Subtitle?

You can watch True Beauty in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles. You can also watch Korean dramas in Rakuten Viki App or Netflix but it requires subscription for new drama. True beauty is free on Rakuten Viki App.

How many Episodes are there in True Beauty?

There are a total of 16 episodes in this drama, it is already completed.   

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