Strong Girl Nam-soon Story explained

Strong Girl Nam-soon Story explained.

Strong Girl Nam-soon (Korean: 힘쎈여자 강남순) is the second season of Strong Girl Do Bong Soon. It has a mixed genre of comedy and crime. The story revolves around the illegal drug  supply in South Korea and its investigation. The first episode of this drama was released on 7 October 2023.

In this post, I’ll provide you summary of Strong Girl Nam-soon and for the summary of Strong Girl Do Bong Soon you can visit my other page.

Is Strong Girl Nam Soon worth watching?

I think the cuteness of Lee Yu-Mi as Kang Nam Soon make this drama worth watching. Of course, the drama has much more to offer but if you ask me, my reason for watching this drama then it is Kang Nam Soon.

Another reason why people are drawn to this drama id cameo of Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk, who are most adorable couple of legendary drama, “Strong Girl Do Bong Soon”.

And if you have interests in criminal investigation and supernatural powers, you should give this drama a try. So, my conclusion is Strong Girl Nam-soon is worth watching.


How is Strong Girl Nam Soon in comparison with Strong Girl Do Bong Soon?

It turned out that Strong Girl Nam Soon was a fail. I would not recommend this drama because it is not K-drama but a K-trauma. They Killed Ryu Shi-oh in the end in the worst possible manner. There could have been a better ending.

They literally made Kang Nam Soon as a walking red flag, i understand they were doing this of drug case but still they could have considered, how much Ryu Shi-oh went through.

And don’t even compare Strong Girl Do Bong Soon with Strong Girl Nam Soon. Strong Girl Do Bong Soon was far better then this drama. Strong Girl Nam-soon doesn’t even has 1% of what Strong Girl Do Bong Soon had.

Still if you are supporting the male lead, you can watch it. But if you were a fan of Byeon Woo-seok as Ryu Shi-oh, it will break your heart. So, be alert.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Casts

Lee Yoo-mi as Kang Nam-Soon

Ong Seong-wu as Gang Hee-sik

Byeon Woo-seok as Ryu Shi-oh

Kim Jung-eun as Hwang Geum-Joo (Nam Soon’s Mother)

Strong Girl Nam-soon Story

The story starts with showcasing supernatural power of Kang Nam-Soon. She is in Mongolia and stays with her adoptive parents.

Kang Nam-Soon was about 5 years old when she was separated from her father in the land of Mongols. His father tried to find her but failed to get her back. Due to this father and mother of Kang Nam-Soon divorced each other because Kang Nam-Soon’s mother cherished her too much.

Her parent kept searching for her all the time. Her mother owns a pawn shop previously a hangover soup shop and her father was accountant who later turned into a photographer. They took in a imitator of Nam Soon as their daughter recently before Naam Soon arrived in Korea.

Apart from mother and father she also has a brother who also owns a restaurant and does tarot reading.

Kang Nam-Soon when she turned 21 decided to go South Korea to find her real parents.

You may think that how Nam Soon knew Korean since she lived in Mongol. Actually, she knew that she was from Korea when she was little, so she studied Korea all by herself and with the help of a old lady in Mongol who knew Korean.

First of all, Kang Nam-Soon meets Gang Hee-sik when she landed on Korea, who is a prominent officer of Drug investigation team. There was going to be plane crash when plane was landing but she stopped it with her powers. It seemed like she is much more powerful than Do Bong Soon.

Kang Nam-Soon remember Gang Hee-Sik as a handsome officer she met in Korea. She brought a place to stay but later discovered that it was a fraud, and the fake landlady took all her belongings.

Kang Nam-Soon in search of a place to stay found a park where people put tent for picnic. Using her powers, she built a huge tent. She even made friends with two wanderers there.

Gang Hee-Sik has promised Nam Soon to help her in finding her parents. Hence, he follows Kang Nam-Soon quite often, also because she always amazes Gang Hee-Sik with her powers and way of speaking Korean without honorific.

The imitator of Nam Soon who was living with her parent fled of with much money.

After that with the help of Gang Hee-Sik, Nam soon was able to find her parents.  Her mother is basically a monsieur in the Drama. She also has supernatural powers and uses it to help other people.

Nam Soon reconciles with her mother when she was trying to save people a fire wreak. Both mother and daughter duo were charismatic while trying to save others. Nam Soon met her other family members too.

Later her mother asked her if she wants to study but she declared she does not want to study and only wants to help other peoples as this gives her joy. Her mother agreed with her too.

Nam Soon becomes a good friend of Gang Hee-Sik and they meet each other and go on dates. Nam soon also volunteered in helping Gang Hee-Sik on a disguise mission of Drug investigation too.

Gang Hee-Sik seems to be protective of Nam Soon and care about a lot. It will be awesome watching chemistry of Hee Sik and Nam Soon, with a tint of crime and Comedy.

Nam Soon’s power

In the drama, Strong Girl Nam-soon seemed to have much more powerful than Do Bong Soon and other strong women of this series, Nam Soon is immensely powerful, can run very fast and she is a hawk eye (can see past few kilometers very clearly).

It is clear she is strongest among all.

This power has been a heirloom in the family of Nam Soon. Basically, the girls of the family are blessed with supernatural powers by hereditary. And these powers are passed down to only girls of the family.

They can only use this power in good deeds. If they use it for evil deed, they will lose all their powers.

Drug case of Strong Girl Nam-soon

The story revolves around case of drug, in which many people have died due to drinking too much water. The case is, that a very strong drug is transported into Korea which are in form of masks which becomes drug when dissolved in certain type of liquid.

This type of drug makes people too much thirsty and desperate to drink. And somehow those who overcomes the thirst can too much strong and powerful just like family of Nam Soon.

The villain of the story also seems to have same kind of power. We will see in coming episodes about how he got so powerful and why he is eyeing on Nam Soon.

Min-Min Couple Cameo

Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk of Strong girl Do Bong Soon made a cameo in Strong Girl Nam Soon in episode 3. The aura, cuteness and chemistry of the couple was same as before.

I was like, “Omo how cute they are together, such a lovey-dovey couple”.

It seemed like Bong Soon beat two men and Min Hyuk came to rescue her. That’s when they met grandmother of Nam Soon in the police station.

Their appearance in the drama was for very short term, however it accomplished its goal to attract many people to watch this drama.

I want to thank the writer for showing us our beloved couple again.  I was overjoyed to see Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk again together.

Strong Girl Nam-soon episode 7 and 8

In last released, 6th episode of Strong Girl Nam-soon, Nam-soon was stabbed by her imitator. But in precap of next episode, it seemed like she was not hurt at all.

We will see further what happens in episode 7 of Strong Girl Nam-soon, as it will be released today.

Strong Girl Nam-soon ep Download Link

By clicking below link you can download episodes of Strong Girl Nam-soon with English subtitles. Unfortunately, strong girl nam soon ep 13 hindi dubbed is not available currently.

Strong Girl Nam-soon streaming time

Strong Girl Nam-soon streams every Saturday and Sunday at 22.30 pm KST or 7.00 pm IST.

strong girl nam soon ep 15 release date – 26 November, 2023

What is Gangnam style?

In the drama, Strong Girl Nam-soon seem to use this word frequently. Here, it is what it means.  

The term “Gangnam Style” originates from South Korea and describes a way of living typical of the Gangnam neighbourhood of Seoul, where residents are fashionable, hip, and project an image of a particular social class. Time described the term as “a manner associated with lavish lifestyles in Seoul’s Gangnam district” in their weekly vocabulary list.

Where to watch Strong Girl Nam-soon?

You can watch Strong Girl Nam-soon in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles. You can also watch Korean dramas in Disney+Hostar or Netflix but it requires subscription.

How many Episodes are there in Strong Girl Nam-soon?

As of now 6 episodes of Strong Girl Nam-soon has been aired.

I think I have explained much about everything about this Korean drama. But if you want any specific information, feel free to comment.

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