Night Has Come: The mafia game

Night Has Come: The mafia game of survival

Night Has Come: This is a high school thriller drama, it is somewhat like All of us are dead and Duty after school. A class of students who went to place to prepare for their cultural feast are now stuck in a building and an anonymous spirit is now making them play the game of mafia. Whoever loses or break the rules is executed for real.

The drama will highlights the students’ intense psychological struggle as they go into survival mode. Will they survive or die?


Lee Jae-in as Lee Yun-seo

Kim Woo-seok as Kim Jun-hui

Choi Ye-bin as Oh Jeong-won

Jeong So-ri as Kim So-mi

Ahn Ji-ho as Jin Da-beom

Cha Woo-min as Koh Gyeong-ju

Night Has Come: Plotline

Night Has Come: The mafia game

In this mysterious teen drama, a group of high school students is unexpectedly forced to play real-life mafia games during their retreat.

The second graders at Yooil High School go on a field trip. They are forced to fight for their lives there while playing a lethal mafia game.

Lee Yoon Seo tries to escape by using her astute observational and logical skills. Kim Jun Hee has a strong sense of justice and accountability as the class president.

Despite being the smartest student in the school, Oh Jung Won is a recluse and a loner. To survive, she must work with the other students.

They were dropped by their teacher at the venue, after that their teacher goes to pick up some more students but does not come back.

Just as the mafia game the drama is divided between day and night. Every night before 12 o’ clock they are asked to vote for any one student to execute.

After receiving the most votes, that one student goes bizarre bangs his/her head anywhere or jumps from a high place by splattering a lot of blood they die.

There is also a rumour that a girl had committed suicide in that place a long ago from their school.

How will the students of Yooil High School survive? Who is making them play this mafia game? What is the mystery behind the girl who died there a long ago?

How is the mafia game played?

To keep it short and simple, there are two group of people mafia and citizens. Mafia are generally less in number than citizens.

They must outnumber the citizens, by killing them. No one can reveal their identities.

There will also be one police and a doctor. Police can make a person reveal their role, and a doctor can revive a dead person.

Here all the players vote for a person who could be a mafia. The one who receives most votes will be out of game and his/her identity will be revealed whether he is a mafia or not.

The game ends if all mafia are executed or if they outnumber the citizens.

Night Has Come Ending Explained

To Be Written….

Night Has Come Release

Night has come was first release on 4 December 2023. It airs every Monday and Tuesday. It has a total of 12 episodes. Night Has Come season 2 is likely to be made in 2024.

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Where to watch?

You can watch this drama in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles and you can watch them absolutely for free. You can also watch Night Has Come kdrama in Rakuten Viki, but it requires subscription.

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