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3 Body Problem Netflix – A Stellar Cast Launches Humanity’s Fight for Survival

The series adaptation of the science fiction book by Cixin Liu, a prominent name in the field, is now streaming on Netflix, much to the joy of fans. A universe-wide endeavor, this popular series features top-class actors and gives us an interesting insight into the first attempt of humankind at contacting an alien intellect with hostile intentions.

3 Body Problem  Star Cast

  • Jovan Adepo as the famed Dr. Saul Durand is a cinematic craft that takes inspiration from the Luo Ji character.
  • John Bradley is playing the role of Jack Rooney (a fictional character, Jack Rooney, modeled after the character of Hu Wen).
  • As shown in the movie, Rosalind Chao is the adult version of Ye Wenjie.
  • Liam as Thomas Wade from the Tv show Peaky Blinders
  • Eiza González, as Dr. Augustina “Auggie” Salazar (Cheng Xin, Wang Miao’s counterpart), acts as one of the protagonists.
  • In a call to action for cultural diversity, the role of Dr. Jin Cheng (equals Wang Miao from the book Message in a Bottle, also AA and Cheng Xin) character is being played by Jess Hong.
  • Marlo Kelly as Tatiana Haas (of Shen Yufei and AA) is one of the main characters involved in the plot of the story.
  • Alex Sharp as Dr. Will Dowden (yuan Tianming character)
  • Sea Shimooka as Sophon
  • Saameeer Usmaani thru Prirthwaiar as “Raj” Varma (quoted from the character Zhang Beihai).
  • Ben Wong as Klkauntz Shi (the fictional character of Shi Qiang Da).
  • Jonathan Pryce appeared as Mike Evans as the journalist who was investigating.

A Review of Humanity’s Struggle

This although the series does take some liberties from the source material by executing the plot in a different setting and merging characters, the essences of the material is not compromised as indicated by these three critics from [Variety], [IGN] as well as [The Hollywood Reporter]. If we see accurately, the series fully reproduces in all details not only awe and fright of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial civilization, but also the ethical questions that follow after.

Praise for the Cast

The production performances mark the top note. [Entertainment Weekly] favors Jovan Adepo’s performance of Dr. Durand, who is able to portray the doctor as an intelligent human being and who is also vulnerable. According to IGN, Jack Rooney played by John Bradley is praised for being a man next door so to speak, while according to Polygon, Rosalind Chao does a great job portraying the doctor more subtle.

A Must-Watch for Sci-Fi Fans

Although they pointed out occasionally, pacing is indefinitely one of the weakest parts, they 100 percent suppose me to give 3 Body problem a must-watch-for sci-fi lovers. [Rotten Tomato] states that it “is a visually awe-inspiring and thought-provoking impress, whereas [IGN] praises the movie for its capability to “to ponder big ideas alongside relatable characters.”


3 Body Problem cannot be related to something that is light in weight because it is engaging and incredibly bold when it comes to dealing with some of the gravity of the problems and issues that call for intelligence and imagination. The spotlight goes to the stellar cast and they make it sure to deliver the strong performances that makes this movie a must-watch for science-fiction enthusiasts and also those intrigued about humans in the universe.

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