Doctor Slump

Finally!!!! Doctor Slump is on Air

Just as planned Doctor Slump released on designated date. It is receiving a good response from viewers but still has a far way from a breakout in trend.

Doctor Slump airs every Saturday and Sunday, one episode each day. Each episode is of approx. 60 minutes. If you are on fence whether to watch it or not, going through this post might help you decide. Read ahead!!!


Park Hyung-sik as Yeo Jeong-woo

Park Shin-hye as Nam Ha-neul


You might have seen many drama in which study rivals becomes love birds. Here doctor slump also presents you sworn in nemesis in studies.

The plot here is Ha-neul who is from Busan transfers to another school in Seoul. Yeo Jeong-woo who is well off and top student of school becomes competitive after her arrival.

Character of Nam Ha-neul is portrayed as someone who is crazy for studies. She works hard no matter what. Whereas, Yeo Jeong-woo is a bit childish.

I literally cried while laughing when he fainted because he came second in exams.

They both meet after a long time at a critical time when they both are facing problems in their life. They still don’t like each other.

It will be fund to watch how the past funny moment connect with present and how these enemies turn into friends then lovers while retaining their chaotic side.

Still unable to decide?? Believe me give it a try, you will surely be hooked to it.

Doctor Slump release date

Doctor Slump was released on January 27, 2024, as planned, a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and medical drama.

I’ll be providing you links of episodes in below sections for you to download them at ease and enjoy them fullest.

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Where to watch Doctor Slump?

You can watch this drama in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles and you can watch them absolutely for free. You can also watch Doctor Slump kdrama in Netflix, but it requires subscription.

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