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In this post, I’ve got a heartwarming tale to share with you – the story of “Hidden Love.” Picture this: teenage crushes, awkward stolen glances, and a journey that evolves into a complex labyrinth of adult romance.

Here is our 14 year old Sang Zhi, who had a huge crush on her brother’s friend, Jia Xu. Jia Xu considered her as a little sister but later falls for her innocence and cuteness.


Discover sang zhi and duan jiaxu real name

Chen Zheyuan as Duan Jia Xu

Zhao Lusi as Sang Zhi

Hidden love Chinese drama Story Explained

Unaware of Sang Zhi’s romantic feelings towards him Jia Xu considers her sister. But Sang Ji is adamant to follow Jia Xu until the end of earth. How does the story starts, when does jiaxu fall for sang zhi? when does jiaxu and sang zhi kiss? To discover all this read the post.

So, it all kicks off with Sang Zhi, this lively schoolgirl, crossing paths with Jia Xu, her brother’s pal. We’re talking about the innocent days of adolescence, where shy glances and a bit of awkwardness are the name of the game.

Life takes some unexpected turns. Jia Xu graduates and heads back to his hometown. Sang Zhi, determined to join him at Yihe University, faces heartbreak when she finds out he’s got a new romantic interest. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, my friends.

Fast forward two years, and Sang Zhi is now a university student. Guess who she bumps into again? Yep, Jia Xu. Now, here’s the kicker – she’s got a crush on him, but he’s still seeing her as the little sister type.

Hold on guys, don’t be disappointed.

Sang Zhi and Jia Xu, started to meet frequently in Yihe. Their relation got stronger. Jia Xu started to feel something for Sang Zhi. Unaware of the fact that he was the reason thet Sang Zhi came to Yihe, Jia Xu thought, she does not likes him. In the meantime, Sang Zhi also came to know about Jia Xu’s past.

But a friend of Jia Xu suggested him that she might have liked him but played hard to get. Jia Xu also felt that Sang Zhi might have loved him. So, he proposed her.

Sang Zhi didn’t gave him a clear answer. In response, Jia Xu tells her that he will pursue her till she agrees to date him.

Later, Sang Yan and other family of Sang Zhi came to know about this, first they didn’t accept their relation but later upon watching the faithfulness and love of the couple towards each other, they gave their consent and blessings to both of them.

Jia Xu’s Past:

Now, let’s zoom in on Jia Xu’s backstory. His dad’s actions set off a domino effect of debts, guilt, and responsibilities. Jia Xu’s juggling part-time work becomes a symbol of his commitment to fulfilling a promise and caring for a character named Jiang Ying, who’s dealing with her own emotional struggles.

The Ending

Picture this – Sang Zhi’s graduation, a beach setting, and bam! Jia Xu drops a marriage proposal bomb.

In the end, Jia Xu surprises her with a marriage proposal. A sweet moment unfolds as the couple revisits a milk bottle (Which was given by Jia Xu) from Sang Zhi’s past, symbolizing her wishes.

Sang Zhi was allergic to milk but she kept the bottle for year. She used to write tiny notes of her love for Jia Xu, folded into star shape.

The drama ends with a tender kiss, marking the fruition of their hidden love.

Cue the feels!

When does jiaxu and sang zhi kiss?

Their first kiss was initiated from sang zhi. She gave Jia xu a kiss on his cheek.

How many episodes are there in hidden love?

There are 25 episodes in hidden love. Each episode is of 44-48 minutes.

Where to watch hidden love?

If you are wondering, where can i watch hidden love chinese drama?

The best place to watch hidden love drama for free is Myasiantv.com.in. It is also available in Netflix but it requires subscription.

Moreover, I’ll be providing link of few episode here for others you can leave a comment, requesting for download link of other episodes of hidden love.

Hidden love ep 1 eng sub 

Hidden love ep 15 eng sub

Hidden love ep 17 eng sub 

Hidden love ep 18 eng sub

Hidden love ep 20 eng sub 

Hidden love ep 21 eng sub 

Final Verdict

“Hidden love cdrama” scores an 9.5/10 in my book. With 25 episodes for character growth and a storyline that keeps you hooked, it’s a gem in the college romance realm. It defies genre norms, offering a narrative that hits you right in the feels.

In a nutshell, “hidden love 2023” isn’t just a love story. It’s a journey that captures the essence of growing up, navigating the tricky waters of romance, and embracing the hidden emotions that make our hearts beat a little faster. So, grab some popcorn, hit play, and let “Hidden Love” take you on a ride you won’t forget!

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