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Hope Korean Movie

Sometime ago I watched a Korean movie called “Hope movie”.

It was such a heart trenching movie that I can never forget this movie. This movie which was released back in 2013 is based on a real event, “Cho Doo-soon case” which happened in South Korea in 2008.

A little girl was raped and beaten by a old man in a bathroom.

Did the previous line boil your blood? If yes, Read the ahead to know more about the case and movie.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Lee Re as Im So-won

Sol Kyung-gu as Im Dong-hoon, So-won’s father

Uhm Ji-won as Kim Mi-hee, So-won’s mother

Hope movie plotline.

In the movie, a little girl named So-won daughter of Dong-hoon and Mi-hee was beaten and raped by a male stranger named Jong-sool before being left for dead. Fortunately, she survives and calls an ambulance.

Due to severity of injuries doctors had to cut her anus and she had to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

In a scene, with signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, So-won yells at her father while he tries to fix her colostomy bag, momentarily mistaking him for her attacker. Her father’s persistent efforts, however, put her at peace. He is the best example of a father.

He trailed behind her donning a “Cocomong” costume, his daughter’s favorite animated character.  The conclusion of the film “Hope” is simultaneously poignant and endearing.  So-won, the little child, at last goes back to school.

Her parents are still dealing with their own sorrow and loss, but they also get strength from helping their daughter get better.

Sadly, the man only receives a 12-year prison sentence, which infuriates So-won’s friends and family. In the courtroom, there is a brawl, and Dong-hoon wants to kill his assailant. When Dong-hoon stops, So-won begs him to take her home. With little closure, the family exits the courtroom.

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Cho Doo-soon case

In “Cho Doo-soon case”, a little girl Na-young was raped by 57-year-old man in a public bathroom. The man Named Cho Doo-soon was only imprisoned for 12 years. Which was the cause for upheaval in the country at that time.

What was more disheartening to hear was that the prosecution made her sit in discomfort and was forced to answer the same questions four times.

Later, they were offered a little sum of money but the man who raped the little girl was not punished properly.

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