Our Secret Diary Japanese Drama

Our Secret Diary Japanese Drama

Our Secret Diary Japanese Drama: High school emotions with the Japanese drama “Our Secret Diary (交換ウソ日記 (Kokan Uso Nikki)),” directed by the talented Kentarō Takemura. Released in 2023, this complete series is a mesmerizing blend of romance and youth, leaving audiences captivated from start to finish.

Adapted from the novel “Kokan Uso Nikki,” the drama unfolds a tale of unspoken feelings and unexpected connections, where every entry in a secret diary sparks a whirlwind of emotions.

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Our secret diary Cast

Fumiya Takahashi as Jun Setoyama

Hiyori Sakurada as Nozomi Kuroda

Mizuki Itagaki as Hiroto Yano

Mizuki Kayashima as Erino Matsumoto

Our secret diary Plotline

In the second grade of high school, Nozomi Kuroda stumbles upon a mysterious letter containing a single, powerful word – “like you.” To her surprise, the author is none other than Jun Setoyama, the school’s most popular boy. The awkwardness blooms into an adorable tale as Nozomi, feeling a mix of embarrassment and excitement, initiates a secret exchange diary by leaving a reply in a school shoe closet.

She later comes to know that the intended recipient was Nozomi’s best friend. Nozomi, unknowingly responding to a letter intended for her best friend, finds herself entangled in a web of emotions.

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Despite the misunderstanding, she becomes increasingly drawn to Jun, who pours his heart out in the exchange diary. The catch? Nozomi can’t bring herself to confess the truth about her identity, creating a delightful tension in their budding relationship.

As the drama unfolds, each entry in the secret diary deepens the connection between Nozomi and Jun. “Our Secret Diary” is a breakout sensation, skillfully adapted from the novel “Kokan Uso Nikki.” The chemistry between Nozomi and Jun is electric and filled with joy, heartache, and an abundance of “aww” moments.

Where to Watch Our secret diary?

You can watch this drama in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Japanese, Chinese, Korean drama with English subtitles and you can watch them absolutely for free. You can also watch Our secret diary Jdrama in MUBI.

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