Perfect marriage revenge

Perfect marriage revenge

Brace yourselves as we delve into the captivating drama of Han Yi Joo’s quest for love, vengeance, and the unexpected twists of a strategic contract marriage. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions in the world of this K-drama sensation! In the last there is download link of all episodes of this drama. It is adopted from The Essence of a Perfect Marriage.

Perfect marriage revenge cast

Jung Yoo-Min as Han Yi-ju

Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon as Seo Do-guk

Perfect marriage revenge kdrama Plotline

“Perfect Marriage Revenge,” (Other name: 완벽한 결혼의 정석, 完美的结婚公式, Wanbyeoghan Gyeolhonui Jeongseok, Standard Procedure of Perfect Marriage, The Standard of a Perfect Marriage, The Essence of a Perfect Marriage, Дорама Стандартная процедура идеального брака) a drama where the quest for love intertwines with the intricate threads of revenge and second chances!

Meet Han Yi Joo, a talented painter who, despite being adopted into the prestigious Hanwool Financial Group, finds herself on the fringes of familial affection. Married to Jung Se Hyeok, she uncovers a heart-wrenching truth — her husband’s love lies with her sister, Han Yoo Ra. Fate takes a cruel turn as Han Yi Joo faces a fatal car accident on the same day she discovers this painful revelation that her step mother want to kill her.

But hold on, the drama unfolds in a jaw-dropping twist! Han Yi Joo wakes up in the past, she lands in one year before, engaged to Se Hyeok. Armed with the opportunity to reshape her destiny, she bravely breaks off the engagement and enters a strategic contract marriage with Seo Do Guk, the smart and handsome heir of the Taeja Group.

However, Do Guk has plans of his own, pushing the boundaries of their agreement. At first they didn’t loved each other but agreed to marry for their own benefits but later gradually they fall in love with each other.

The more you will know Han Yi Joo’s struggles, the more you will fall in love with her. She was even poisoned by hey step mothet she she was little and was locked in a room many times.

When she declared that she will marry Do Guk, her mother snatched her phone and locked her. She somehow contacted Do Guk and he came to save her. Later they gained approval from families of both sides and got married.

Sung Hoon as Do Guk, In this drama has showed a sparkling charm. How can he be so hot??

I remember the scene from their honeymoon. When Han Yi Joo says, “I can’t reciprocate your feelings, I won’t be able to love anyone, I just don’t want to think anything”

Ans he says, “It’s okay, use me as much as you want, I’ll help you to not think of anything.” And then the kiss in episode 6 at 40:51, awww that gave me butterflies.

Watching Sung Hoon kiss Han Yi Joo made me remind, “My Secret Romance”. Do Guk (Sun Hoon) cooked for her even, tasted her servings. Can you believe he proposed her with a grass ring. He is the real savior of Han Yi Joo. He is always there for her, he loves her like crazy. Even her in-laws likes her too much. To put a word, he is a walking green flag.

The plotline is perfect, their chemistry is perfect, a perfect revenge and that’s how it is a perfect marriage. There is a little bit of family drama too.

But I really enjoyed this drama, i hope you will like it too.

Perfect marriage revenge Ending

The drama ended with perfect 12 episodes. Although, it breaks my heart that it ended, the ending was at least satisfying. It was revealed that Seo Do-guk had also came back to a year ago from future. The couple took a break from each other but later reconciled.

All the culprits, Yi-ju’s mother and Seo Do-guk’s brother, went to jail. In the end, they went to a shaman to ask if they will be okay in coming year. She suggested that they should live their life which is given back to them and leave the rest to god’s plan.

They decided to do that. Han Yi-ju became pregnant. And they were living as a happy couple, then one day Seo Do-guk fleed from jail and kidnapped Han Yi-ju. He stabbed Seo Do-guk wehen he was trying to save Han Yi-ju. It was also found that Seo Do-guk’s was not limp but he was acting to get his father’s pity.

Seo Do-guk went on coma and woke up after 2 months. Later, they registered their marriage and Han Yi-ju gave birth to a daughter.

In the end, Han Yi-ju concluded that she wasn’t given a year back to take revenge from her family but to live her fullest, to become happy, and to meet Seo Do-guk, love of her life.

Where to watch Perfect marriage revenge?

You can watch this drama in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles and you can watch them absolutely for free. You can also watch Perfect marriage revenge kdrama in Netflix in certain regions, but it requires subscription.

perfect marriage revenge ep 12 eng sub

perfect marriage revenge ep 11 eng sub

perfect marriage revenge ep 10 eng sub

perfect marriage revenge ep 9 eng sub

perfect marriage revenge ep 8 eng sub

perfect marriage revenge ep 7 eng sub

perfect marriage revenge ep 6 eng sub

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Perfect Marriage Revenge Release Date and Timing

Two episodes of Perfect Marriage Revenge is uploaded every Sunday on Myasiantv. It was first premiered on October 28, 2023. perfect marriage revenge ep 11 is likely to released on this Saturday but will be available on Myasiantv and beingmaverick on Sunday after 6 Pm (IST).

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