The Matchmaker kdrama

The Matchmaker – A Tale of Love, Laughter, and Royal Twists

Hold onto your seats, K-drama enthusiasts! Another Masterpiece from our beloved Rowoon has arrived.

“The Matchmaker” unfolds a thrilling tale of Shim Jung Woo, a bright young man with dreams of entering the government, whose life takes an unexpected turn when royal obligations and a sudden tragedy derail his plans.

The Matchmaker kdrama Cast

Rowoon as Shim Jung Woo

Cho Yi-Hyun as Jung Soon Deok

The Matchmaker kdrama Review

Meet Shim Jung Woo, a young man with dreams of entering the government, only to have his plans derailed when the royal princess and the king throw a major curveball his way. The poor guy ends up a widowed grouch, unable to remarry and participate in the government due to the tradition that husbands of princess are not allowed to participate in government.

He continuously appealed to the king to annul his marriage with dead princess for eight years, so that he can participate in the government.

Rowoon as Shim Jung Woo, who is overly obsessed with himself will give you Deja vu (TIP: Destined With You). He considers himself as the most knowledgeable man in Joseon.

The king in present came to know about he suggested the ministers how to delay the wedding of crown prince. The king adducted him and threatened to poison him. Later, gave him a chance to resolve the issue to get the crown prince married within four months.

Now, he stuck in a royal secret inspector gig. He’s handed the mission of marrying off the three Maeng sisters (Spinsters: Female who are unmarried and are past ideal marriage age).

If successful, he gets that coveted government position. Cue the drama and enter our sprightly matchmaker, Jung Soon Deok. This young widow not only leads a double life but also believes in love despite her own heartache. Now, these two mismatched personalities are teaming up, and Cupid seems to be throwing in a few surprises.

Excited yet? Well, you should be!

The stage is set for a romantic comedy with emotional twists, all against the backdrop of historical drama.

Oh, and did I mention? This drama is supposed to be ready to take over from the recently finished Twinkling Watermelon K-drama, promising a mix of laughs, tears, and heart-flutters.

Where to Watch The Matchmaker

Excited to dive into this romantic rollercoaster?

You’re in luck! “The Matchmaker” is available for streaming on Netflix, providing the perfect binge-watching platform. If you prefer alternatives, you can also catch it on Kissasian or Myasiantv. For those seeking English subtitles, Rakuten Viki has got you covered. All the other alternative also offers English subtitles.

The Matchmaker Release Timing

Wondering when you can catch the latest episodes?

It releases every Monday at approximately 12:45 pm (GMT) / 8:45 am (ET). For viewers in the US, that translates to 4:45 am (PT), and for our friends in India, mark your calendars for 6:15 pm (IST).

In conclusion, This drama is not just a historic drama; it’s a delightful blend of comedy, emotion, and romance. Set to take over from the recently finished Twinkling Watermelon K-drama, it promises to be a captivating addition to your watchlist. So, grab your snacks, set your alarms, and get ready for a K-drama experience that’s bound to leave you hooked and eagerly awaiting each new episode!

the matchmaker ep 16 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 15 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 14 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 13 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 12 eng sub (They kissed in this episode, The Matchmaker first kiss.)

the matchmaker ep 11 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 10 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 9 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 8 eng sub

the matchmaker ep 1 eng sub

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