A time called you review.

A time called you (Kdrama story), Ahn hyo seop new drama, is a pretty complicated Korean Drama. It is hard to explain this drama, but I’ll try my best to simplify it. However, when you watch this drama, you will understand it.

A time called you is basically a time travel Korean drama starring Ahn Hyo-seop (From Business Proposal) and Jeon Yeo-been (From Vincenzo).

A time called you emphasis on importance of self-love. It tells you to love yourself as it is, don’t try to change yourself into another person to get yourself loved or cherished by someone. Don’t underestimate your self-worth, improve yourself but don’t act like improving. 

This Korean Drama also highlights the situation of introverted people and their sufferings.

In this post, I will explain to you the plotline of its story and explain its ending as well.

A time called you casts.

Ahn Hyo-seop as Koo Yeon-jun/Nam Si-heon

Jeon Yeo-been as Han Jun-hui/Gwon Min-ju

Kang Hoon as Jung In-gyu

A time called you Kdrama story explained.

The plot of the K-drama revolves around Jun-hee (Jeon Yeo-bin), who is stuck in the present and unable to get over the loss of Yeon-jun (Ahn Hyeo-seop), her boyfriend, who died a year ago. She begins to receive flowers and a picture of three teenagers sooner rather than later.

One of them, from 1998, had the exact same appearance as her late boyfriend. Strangely enough, the girl in the picture doesn’t look like her either.

She is taken back in time to 1998 when she falls asleep on the bus and discovers that she has been given a tape recorder containing a certain tune.

The twist is that, instead of being Jun-hee, she is Min-ju, a young woman. She eventually gets to know Ahn’s best buddy, In-gyu (Kang Hoon), and Si-heon (Ahn). She finds that the man she believed to be her deceased boyfriend isn’t the real one.

After being struck over the head, Min-ju awakens in a hospital bed. Everyone quickly notices that something is off. Min-ju, who was formerly shy, has become bold and talkative. The reason for this is that Min-ju is confined to a room or is operating subconsciously, whereas Jun-hee is in charge.

In addition, A Time Called You provides some background on Min-ju’s social isolation at school. Yet for a while, In-hyu has been crushing on her, and with Si-heon’s assistance, he approaches her at her uncle’s record store. The three quickly become friends, albeit Min-ju ends up falling in love with Si-heon. It clarifies why they were in the same picture.

In 1998, Jun-hee makes a concerted effort to persuade everyone that she is not Min-ju. She eventually wakes up in the bus terminal in 2023. It was revealed to Jun-hee that Min-ju was killed in October 1998. He describes how Min-ju abruptly woke up and started talking about Jun-hee and 2023 as Min-ju’s uncle. He persuades Jun-hee that Min-ju’s rescue is the reason their fates are connected.

In an attempt to find the murderer, she goes back in time, hoping to meet Yeon-jun one more and save Min-ju. Jun-hee understands that the assailant has to be the murderer. The issue is that In-gyu and Si-heon don’t think she’s real. They soon find out when another female student is killed, indicating that Min-ju is the target of someone at the school.

In the series of events Nam Si-Heon fall in love with Jun-Hee who is in the body of Min-ju. later it was revealed that Nam Si-Heon is Koo Yeon-jun (Jun-Hee’s boyfriend in future).

Jun-Hee later meets Nam Si-heon in future in Min Ju-‘s uncle shop who tells her the story that he also time travelled here.

Nam Si-Heon also time travelled and woke up in the body of Koo Yeon-jun after they had a terrible accident in their respective time periods.

Nam Si-Heon remember that Min-ju told him that she is Jun-Hee from future. So. he decided to find her and pursue her into dating him.

He meets Min-ju’s uncle, who believes him. they decides to save Min-ju from dying and Jung In-gyu from going jail (He was accused of Min-Ju’s murder in past).

He meets Jun-Hee, they fall for each other and started dating. Jun-Hee once decides to go somewhere else to work. Nam Si-Heon follows her in another flight but dies because of plane crash(This was the event of death of her boyfriend from which Jun-Hee was depressed in the start of drama.)

Nam Si-Heon explains this much to Jun-he. And reveals to her that it was always him (Nam Si-Hyeon) whom she loved, in the past and in the present. He told her that he died in the body of Koo Yeon-jun in plane and woke up again in his own body in past.

He urges her to go back in past and save Min-Ju from dying so that Jung In-gyu don’t go jail and later die at the same place where Min-Ju died.

A time called you end explained.

The ending of A time called you is very simple.

It was actually a psychopath from future who wanted to kill Min-Ju. But she was saved from him as cops caught him in future in the meantime.

But Min-Ju wanted to die. Jung In-gyu was there and thinks that he is the reason she wants to die.

The drama ends where Han Jun-hui enters body of Gwon Min-ju and saves her from commuting suicide. She later convinces her. “to live trying is better than to die worthlessly”. she gives her a hope to live, makes her realize that many people love her introvert side too.

And teaches her not to run behind or chase someone who doesn’t loves her.

“Love is in letting go the person you love instead of holding them and hurting yourself.”

And in future Nam Si-heon and Han Jun-hui meets again in a bus where they don’t share or remember any memories of past events.

It is supposed they will again date each other, make memories together and write their story again.

Is a time called you worth watching?

Those who are a fan of suspense Korean Drama will find “A time called you” worth watching. Moreover, the friendship of Jung In-gyu,Nam Si-heon and Han Jun-hu will surely attract you towards this fabulous Kdrama.

Where to watch A time called you story?

You can watch “A time called you” online for free in few websites. Two of most famous website for watching Kdrama online are kissasian and Myasiantv.

This drama is a Netflix original, so you can watch it in Netflix, but it requires subscription.

How many episodes are in A time called you story?

There are only twelve episodes A time called you, time duration of each episode is 45-50 minutes.

Download all episodes of A time called you with English subtitles.

A time called you episode 1 download link.

A time called you episode 2 download link.

A time called you episode 3 download link.

A time called you episode 4 download link.

A time called you episode 5 download link.

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