Good bad mother

Good bad mother review.

This is an amazing story about unconditional love of a mother. Good bad mother is a heartwarming Korean drama written by Se-Young Bae.

I don’t know, if other people like it too or not but i am in love with this drama. Every episode of this drama gave me goosebumps.

Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-hyun has played their respective roles remarkable diligence. This drama is full of moral values. If you are looking for motivation, you should surly watch this drama.

Here in this post, I’ll explain plotline of this drama. embark your journey towards story of “The Good Bad Mother”.

The good bad mother casts.

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Lee Do-hyun as Choi Kang-ho

Ahn Eun-jin as Lee Mi-joo

Ra Mi-ran as Jin Young-soon

Yoo In-soo as Bang Sam-sik

Park Da-on as Seo-jin

Ki So-yu as Ye-jin

The good bad mother Kdrama story.

The good bad mother is a story about a single mother who alone takes care of her baby and runs a pig farm. The story begins where Choi Kang-ho’s father proposed her mother by offering her a pig with a ring.

Due to some development program, they were ask to move or demolish their pig farm. Choi Kang-ho’s father fought legal case but ended up being dead by the hand of villains. Also, someone set fire on their pig farm.

Jin Young-soon who was left all alone with a baby bump of 9 months decide to give birth to their child bring him up to be a prosecutor and run the pig farm all by herself.

And she did exactly as she thought. She was extra strict with Kang-ho in everything. She even feed him half stomach so that he does not sleeps during studies. Kang-ho was a bright student.

Mi-jo who was born on the same day and place with Kan-ho had crush on him since childhood. She always chased him. and eventually Kang-ho also fell in love with her.

Kang-ho even skipped his CSAT exam as Mi-Jo had a accident. Jin Young-soon blame Mi-Joo for this and broke all contacts of Kang-ho with her.

The story took a turn Kang-ho was falsely accused in a fight with another student in college. Kang-ho’s mother made him apologizes and beat him in front of everybody. That’s when the spirit of Kang-ho was awaken (you will surely cry when you watch this scene). Kang-ho decided to find the truth behind the death of his father, because to which her mother was forcing him to this extent.

After this he stooped meeting her mother, that’s when he met Mi-jo again. She supported him with all she had. She made him happy as never before. She was his sunshine.

But Kang-ho wanted to do something (reveal the truth of his father). Hence, he broke up with Mi-joo because he does not wanted her to get hurt. He didn’t knew that she was pregnant at this time and was about to reveal it to him. But she didn’t tell him and taught he might have a good reason for leaving her.

As expected Kang-ho came to knew that his father was killed by a man who is a owner of a construction company now and Tae-ho , a man who is running for presidential election. Kang-ho decide to make them pay for it and to destroy then with the help of legal world.

To do so, he distanced himself from everybody. And lured his enemy into his trap but Tae-ho (Kang-ho seduced his daughter to get revenge on him) planned to kill him in accident.

Kang-ho didn’t die in the accident but was severely injured and was turned into a 7 year old mentally. Kang-ho’s mother didn’t lose hope and decide to raise him again. She had so many problems in this phase (You will wish you better die then facing all this). She came to knew that she was terminally ill, someone set fir on her farm, Kang-ho also got into too much trouble, due to some diseases all the pigs of her farm were killed. All her hope vanished but still she kept fighting.

She always taught Kang-ho hated her for forcing him too much but later she knew that he was actually after killers of his father. Kang-ho also discovered that her mother cherished him very much. All she wanted was to become a great prosecutor and help people who fall victim in the hand of rich people.

Mi-joo also came to knew the truth that he didn’t left her for nothing. And that he loved her always. Kang-ho also came to know that the twins are his children.

In the second last episode of this drama Kang-ho and Mi-joo had a steamy kiss scene. You will a whole zoo in your stomach in this scene when Kang-ho kisses her in forehead and she replies, “Is it too far to reach my lips from my head”. And Kang-ho couldn’t stop himself from kissing her.

They all put their efforts together to avenge for his father and lastly they succeeded.

The good bad mother end explained.

The end of Good bad mother was plain yet satisfying. Choi Kang-ho runs legal case against the killer of his father and his accomplice and makes sures that they are punished in accordance with the law.

It gave me goosebumps when Kang-ho’s mother literally cried, “Hurry, Kang-Ho” in the court room. Hands off to the actress who made such a marvelous scene by her flawless acting.

As everybody knows, Kang-ho’s mother was terminally ill. She lost her consciousness and died. All the villagers and Kang-ho sent her off singing her favourite song “I am Happy”. Kang-ho cried too much but everyone was there for him and Mi-jo also stayed as a pillar with him

Later, Kang-ho and Mi-joo got married. He proposed Mi-jo by gifting her a piglet just like her father had proposed her mother in past.

Kang-ho has to leave his job of prosecutor because of some rules as he fought against the to-be president of the country.

Kang-ho and Mi-jo took over “Happy Pig Farm”, and they developed the business together.

Kang-ho’s twins also came to know that he is his father. And they had a happy ending.

Who are the twins in Good bad mother

Seo-jin and Ye-jin are children of Kang-ho and Mi-joo in the series. They are not blood related twins in actuality but Ye-jin is elder then Seo-jin. The role of Seo-jin is played by Park Da-on and role of Ye-Jin is played by Ki So-yu.

They are so cute that everyone fell in love with them. Also, their chaotic behaviour won over millions of hearts. I fell for Seo-jin when he said he believed Kang-ho was seven year old and looked at him feeling betrayed.

Seo-jin and Ye-jin were so adorable. I hope to see them in another drama soon.

Is The good bad mother worth watching?

Yes, it is. Infact, it is more worthy of being watched worldwide. It is full of moral lessons. It is a combination of triller, comedy and romance.

From my point of view, the most rememberable line is, “Life is all about hitting a home run or strike out. When you hit a home you can strike out with ease.”

Where to watch the good bad mother story?

You can watch “The good bad mother” online for free in few websites. Two of most famous website for watching Kdrama online are kissasian and Myasiantv.

This drama is a Netflix original, so you can watch it in Netflix, but it requires subscription.

How many episodes are in the good bad mother story?

The good bad mother has a total of 14 episodes. It is already completed. Since, it had a plain and happy ending, second season is not expected. But deep down, I hope for another season.

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