Thriller Kdrama to watch

Thriller Kdrama to watch

If you are wondering which Kdrama to watch next and you are a fan of thriller Korean dramas, you have arrived at the right place. In this post, I will provide you a customized list of topmost thriller Korean dramas to watch.

List of Thriller Kdrama to watch

Alright, K-drama enthusiasts, get ready to buckle up for an exhilarating ride through the heart-pounding world of Korean thrillers! Picture this: squad games, spine-chilling survival, and mind-bending mysteries—this list is your passport to a binge-watching adventure like no other.

Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions as we delve into a lineup that promises to keep you glued to your screen, craving for the next jaw-dropping twist.

Squad game

Squad game is one of the most watched Korean drama all over the world. Squad game revolves around a man, Seong Gi-hun, who has lost his everything in bets and lotteries, his wife also left him with his daughter for good. She married another guy and they are moving to The US.

Seong Gi-hun is in desperate need of money that’s when he meets someone who offers him to give huge sum of money, if he is willing to play some games. Seong Gi-hun now is into these deadly money earning games, what are these games? who is paying rewards for these games and why? Will Seong Gi-hun survive till end?

Watch the drama for the answers or request a story explanation in comment section.

(P.S: A second season of this drama is expected.)

All of us are dead

This is a high-school drama. The story starts where a science teacher of a school, makes a virus-chemical which turns anyone into zombies, if injected in the blood stream. By mistake, a girl get bitten by a rat who was subjected for the experiment and everyone in the school and even outside gets infected by the virus. Everybody turns into zombies, survivors are evacuated out of the city. Only a group of students were still struck inside the school. What will happen to them? Will they ever escape from there?

The Glory season 1&2

The Glory is literally a masterpiece. It is about school bullying. Song Hye-Kyu and other actors too, in the drama slayed their roles. Song Hye-Kyu was bullied horribly in her high-school. They burnt her using hair curler rode, even beat crap out of her. She was tortured so badly that she even had to drop out from school. Her mother also left her and fled after taking money from mother of bullies.

Song Hye-Kyu worked in a factory and and studied by herself. She became a teacher and now she wants to avenge for herself from the bullies who are now among powerful, rich and prominent people of Korea.

Both seasons of the drama are equally interesting and thrilling. Once you start watching this drama, there is no going back. I recommend you to watch this, if you are a big fan of thriller Korean dramas. Watch to know how one Song Hye-Kyu avenges for herself and gets her glory back.

Flower Of Evil

The best thing which will entice you into watching this thriller Kdrama is the fatherly love of Lee Joon-gi as Baek Hee Sung towards her daughter in the drama.

In the crime thriller Flower of Evil, Lee Joon Gi plays an emotionless psychopath who attempts to move past his troubled past by changing his identity and gets married to a homicide detective (Moon Chae Won) who later gets incharged in handling the case of a serial murder in which Baek Hee Sung, her husband is involved and supposed to be the major suspect.

Baek Hee Sung was a perfect father and husband. They were so much in love with each other. Will she uncover the truth about him? What is the truth Baek Hee Sung is hiding from her wife.


I don’t think so that there is anyone who have not heard of this drama.

Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) is a Korean who immigrated to Italy after being taken in by a mafia boss. However, Vincenzo is pursued by his brother after the death of his adoptive father. Running away from Italy, he heads back to his native South Korea in order to recover a gold treasure hidden in a retail building’s hidden basement. He arrives to discover that Babel Corporation, which intends to use the land to construct a skyscraper for the business, has scheduled the building’s demolition. Vincenzo has teamed up with the Geumga Plaza store owners in the hopes of stopping the demolition—at least for the duration needed to extract the gold.

Fortunately, he finds Hong Cha Young, a lawyer with an office in the same building, to be a trustworthy partner. Vincenzo discovers that safeguarding the people you care about is more crucial than seeking retribution as he grows to care about the lives of those at Geumga Plaza.

Some other thriller Kdrama are:

The Penthouse: War In Life season 1,2 & 3
The Uncanny Counter season 1&2
Mask Girl
Taxi Driver

These renowned Thriller Korean dramas leave a prolonged lingering effect. These are my personal recommendation to you which will show you another level of insanity.

So, fellow thrill-seekers, as you plunge headfirst into the nail-biting plots of “Squid Game,” unravel the enigma behind “Flower of Evil,” and savor every moment of “Vagabond,” remember this: Korean thrillers are a whole different level of intensity.

With each drama boasting its unique blend of suspense and drama, this is your ticket to an adrenaline-packed escapade. Grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be swept away by the electrifying narratives that define the very essence of Korean thriller excellence! Your binge-watching marathon is about to get an upgrade – let the thrills begin!

Where to watch Korean drama?

You can watch thriller Kdramas in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles. You can also watch Korean dramas in Rakuten Viki App, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar or some other OTT Apps but they requires subscription.

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