My Happy Marriage Japanese Movie

My Happy Marriage is a Japanese Movie which is taken from a My Happy Marriage anime. The story is of fantasy genre. This drama has no kissing scenes nor any R-Rated scenes, not even proper hugs but still this drama is a masterpiece.

Not to mention, male male is too handsome for fans to handle and female lead is so cute. Their chemistry is amazing. The moral of the story according to me is god has special plans for you, even if you suffered your whole life, there will surely come a point when your suffering will end.

“After rainy days, there always comes sunshine.”

My Happy Marriage Casts

Ren Meguro as Kiyoka Kudo

Mio Imada as Miyo Saimori

My Happy Marriage: Story of Movie

My Happy Marriage is a story about a girl, Miyo Saimori, who lost her mother when she was two year old. Miyo father married his former lover after her mother passed away. Her step mother and sister treats her like a maid or even worse than that. Miyo is traumatized by the way her family treated her and she only wants to meet her mother after she dies. But she has a hope that she can live a good life after she marries into another family.

She is betrothed to a man, Kiyoko Kudo who is rumored to be a cold hearted man.

She departed from her home with a comb as her only dowry. Her Kimono was also torn and was stitched at multiple places. Her hand were full of crack. She didn’t seemed like a bride.

Miyo Saimori and Kiyoko Kudo, lived in the era where people with magical powers dominated and rules over people without any power. People without any power were considered inferior. They uses their powers to mitigate something which is called insect in the movie (it might be a kind of spirit or demon which possesses people’s mind).

Miyo Saimori was thought to have no power and Kiyoko Kudo has enormous powers.

At first, Kiyoko Kudo didn’t believed her and found her weird. Kiyoko’s maid who is a motherly figure to him insisted that Miyo Saimori is trustable, then onwards Kiyoko tried to understand her.

Kiyoko Kudo did a background check on her and knew that Miyo’s mother was a lady with a power to manipulate minds.

It turned out that Kiyoko is not a bad person but a kind-hearted man. He started to take care of Miyo. Miyo was suffering from insomnia due to anxiety attack and nightmare. Once, when Kiyoko saw her struggling, he patted her and said that, “All you sufferings will come to end.”

Aww, this scene has my heart, it is somehow similar to a scene of Alchemy of souls Season 2. One more scene was similar to that drama where he asked her parents to apologize to her for making her suffer or else he will cut ties with them and will not pay any betrothal money.

Kiyoko Kudo did everything to make her happy, somewhere he was also falling her. Miyo already considered him her husband to be when he gifted her a comb (which has a meaning, that the man is proposing for marriage).

Later, Miyo Saimori was kidnaped by her step mother and sister. Kiyoko burnt the whole house to search for her and took care of her. Miyo also started to understand him and she always used to deliver his lunch when he didn’t came home due to work and make him gift by her own hands.

Listen to As Long As We Both Shall Live MV from My Happy Marriage

Miyo Saimori was still haunted by nightmares, that’s when a cousin of Miyo Saimori appeared who told Kiyoko that it is because of powers (she can manipulate minds of people who possess powers) she has. she doesn’t know how to control that why it is killing her from inside.

Her cousin told him that if he wants Miyo alive that he should send her with him. Miyo Saimori didn’t wanted to leave Kiyoko. BUt he commanded her to stay with her family. She couldn’t refuse him.

On the other hand someone, killed the king of the country and freed insects which possessed all the warrior in the institution at which Kiyoko worked.

Kiyoko’s life was in danger, when Miyo knew about this she flee from her home and came to save him. She put her life in danger to save Kiyoko, she used her power and help Kiyoko to kill all the insects (Demons who possessed everyone). Her cousin saved her.

In the last scene, Kiyoko and Miyo were walking home together when Miyo showed the comb which broke. Kiyoko proposed her to marry him. “You will not regret, right”, Miyo Said. “Never”, he replied.

And my delulu world ended here. But i was happy that they ended up together. A happy ending.

My Happy Marriage Anime Series

My Happy Marriage Anime Series has same plot as the movie but it has more episodes and and a long story too. Many people find the anime and manga more interesting than the movie itself.

This Anime is written Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. It is released in October, 2023.

You can watch this series in Netflix, but it requires subscription. You will get this with English Sub/Dub.

Where to watch My Happy Marriage Movie?

My Happy Marriage is available on YouTube with English Subtitles. Click the below link to watch My Happy Marriage:

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