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Lovely Runner Story Plot and Star Cast – Rakuten Viki

Lovely Runner Story Plot

In your dream, have you ever tried to go back in time and do something that you didn’t do in the past? For me on the other hand, Im Sol ,the voice of Kim Hye-yoon ,stepping in seamlessly into the midst of history in the new Korean historical drama “Lovely Runner”. I agree though this adventure isn’t as ordinary as the typical historical dramas. At this point Sol does not go back in our early history but instead in 2008 – as the result of her sorrow over the unexpected death of Ryu Sun-jae, her favorite Korean pop star.

In the film, Sunjae aversively seen by Byun Woo-seok , didn’t start as a singer. I remember, we used to be swimming together back on 2008 when he already had a bright future. While a twist of fate was in charge of cutting off his swimming ability, thus, he felt his destiny, leading him to be K-pop idol. This is the moment, the time shift point, which Sol became involved in. Messy emotions dwell inside her head on the verge of a time slip that sneaks her back to 2008, where Sun-jae is just a 19 years old athlete.

Imagine Sol’s surprise! Now, she will have to pay private tutions because a superhero will be dead.But things get complicated. Assuming the role of a schoolgirl Sol finds herself to be the temple mate of Sun-jae. ~~Imadapter.~~ Comedy is the main idea in this clip: Sun-jae remembers a glimpse of his future, including Sol’s nickname. Although Sol tries in a dual fashion to soften her intentions, she wants him to start swimming. Though I talked about this, things eventually will never be smooth and as planned.

During the course of this circumstances, the girls form a beautiful friendshipship. Sol acknowledges that there is a side of Sunjae besides as K-pop idol. He is in fact a young man, whose dreams are like every other person. On other hand, Sun-jae realizes that he is falling for Sols’s her quirky nature, friendliness and unwavering help. However their friendship may wither, lose its raison d’etre or the previous reality breaks the barrier of Sisterodo’s impermanence because of this secret of hers and her return to the present day.

In case of losing the game, you will have to face the consequences of such an event – or at least you must know how to deal with it. The talented cast brings the characters to life:Young runner is not only about those lovable teenage laughs and romance but many other things as well. This is the tale of a girl who learns how to enjoy the now, go after the things she wants, and maybe on the way finds herself.

Lovely Runner Star Cast

  • Kim Hye-yoon (Im Sol): For instance, Kang Hye-jun portrays a cheerful and successful younger version of Soh who begins her journey with finding the way to live a bit happier.
  • Byun Woo-seok (Ryu Sun-jae): Sun-jae can be seen as the energetic main character who works hard on the job but in a very delightful manner and whose inner self takes an extraordinary turn after the introduction of Sol.

Rounding out the cast are some familiar faces in Korean dramas:Rounding out the cast are some familiar faces in Korean dramas:

  • Son Ho-jun (Kim Young-hwa): Tae Yoo my tough but understanding swimming coach.
  • Park Jung-woo (Han Yoo-jin): Her fellow traveler and friend from Sol who was responsible for the all strange and mysterious experience.

You armed with your running shoes and start this special exercise and experience friendship, love, and time travel. Yes, you ready for the adventure? “‘Lovely Runner‘ certainly pledges to be an adorable rom-com that will bring a smile to your face even until you have finished watching its outstanding credits.

You can watch this beautiful series in free – Lovely Runner 

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