Queen of Divorce

Queen of Divorce

Queen of Divorce, the new drama which is on air is really becoming popular among fans. Many of the characters of this drama are familiar faces. From Kim Sun-young to Seo Hye-won (You know i have no chingu) all are our favourite supporting actors.

Kang Ki-young, the attorney from extraordinary attorney woo has again came up with a legal drama as a ex-prosecutor and lawyer. The story revolves around Kim Sa-ra played by Lee Ji-ah, who is a ex-lawyer and now a legal advisor for divorce.

It is a fun drama, it will be more funny, entertaoining and interesting in upcoming episodes. Read ahead to know the story line of Queen of Divorce.


Lee Ji-ah as Kim Sa-ra

Kang Ki-young as Dong Ki-jun


The story starts with Kim Sa-ra’s introduction as she was rescue a child of her client in present.

Nine years before, Kim Sa-ra who is a good daughter in law and wife, but is backstabbed by her own family. Her mother in law is hell of toxic and her husband is puppet of her mother.

Kim Sa-ra wanted nothing but to work in a good position in the law firm of her husband but her mother in law never lets her raise up and doesn’t even lets her participate in the management of chuyul law firm.

Unaware of her husband’s extra marital affairs. She is constantly looked down upon by her husband and mother in law. Her mother in law registered her divorce without her consent and framed her for illegally getting admission of her child in foreign country.

Kim Sa-ra was even sent to jail becouse of this and was separated from her son. Fortunatly, a old client of hers helped her when she was out of jail. Now, she along with few others helps other women get divorce. Her husband doesn’t lets her meet her son. Her mother also died when she was in jail, she thinks it was a suicide but it was her husband who killed her.

After serving her time in jail she ahas became headstrong girl and is not fragile one anymore.

This is when Dong Ki-jun comes into her life again. In past, they have been in relationship in their hey days. Now, they are working together.

There were few hints which make me think that Kim Sa-ra’s son is Dong Ki-jun’s child (One night before her marriege Kim Sa-ra met Dong Ki-jun).

On other hand Dong Ki-jun is investigating about something. I am not sure but i think it is about Kim Sa-ra’s mother’s death. Four episodes have been released till now.

It will be really entertaining to watch how they will fall in love again, their past story, why Kim Sa-ra left Dong Ki-jun?, how they will reveal wrongdoings of kim sa ra’s mother in law and husband?

We will get answers to our question in upcoming episodes. So, remember to watch Queen of Divorce every Wednesday and Thursday.


The Queen of Divorce kdrama premiered on January 31, 2024, and airs on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 20:50 (KST). This is a Viu original drama.

Where to watch?

You can watch Queen of Divorce korean drama on JTBC, Amazon Prime or Rakuten Viki. Amazon Prime or Rakuten Viki requires subscription. If you want to watch it for free you can opt for myasiantv or kissasian.

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Author: Anshika

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