The Story of Park's Marriage Contract

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Other names: 열녀 박씨 계약 결혼뎐/ 烈女朴氏契約結婚傳/ Yeolnyeo Bakssi Gyeyak Gyeolhondyeon/ Lady Virtue’s Contract Marriage/ The Tale of Park Yeon Woo/ The Tale of the Contract Marriage of the Yeolnyeo Park Clan/ Park’s Contract Marriage Story/ История брачного контракта вдовы Пак

Lee Se-young who played the role Seong Deok Im in The Red Sleeve who made us cry with a heartbreaking ending is back with another historic drama, but something is different this time. This drama consists of time travel, murder mystery, romance and much more.

Will Lee Se-young as Park Yeon Woo in this drama will have a happy ending or a heartbreaking one like The Red Sleeve. Download all episodes of drama from below given link.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Cast

Lee Se-young as Park Yeon Woo

Bae In-hyuk as Kang Tae-ha


Park’s Marriage Contract Story starts with introduction of Park Yeon Woo, who is beloved to her family and is reluctant to marry. She is a secret and famous seamstress of Joseon. When her mother discovers about this, she forces her to marry old and ugly bachelor of the city.

On the wedding night, Park Yeon Woo was very happy when she saw that she is married to the man whom she has been meeting often and was slightly attracted to. She was actually head over heels for him. Also her husband had known her for a long time and was in love with him.

They met many times before their marriage but Yeon Woo was not aware about his true identity. She got a groom she liked but fate has other plans.

Park Yeon Woo’s husband died on the night of her wedding day in the nineteenth century (Joseon dynasty) after revealing that he had suffered from a heart condition for a long time.

She is devastated, but before she can even mourn her husband, she is kidnapped and thrown into a well by a man.

She saw her husband the moment she opened her eyes. She has crossed time, space, and death to arrive in present-day Seoul, South Korea, and the man who saves her from the swimming pool is Kang Tae Ha, who resembles her deceased husband from the Joseon dynasty.

Kang Tae Ha is the successor to SH Seoul Corporation. He dislikes opening up to others because of his heart disease and childhood trauma. He values logic over emotions and is uninterested in romantic relationships, but his ailing grandfather tells him that he wants to see his wedding before he dies. Kang Tae Ha asks Park Yeon Woo to enter into a contract marriage with him in order to fulfill his grandfather’s wish.

After marriage, Park Yeon Woo keeps meeting people whose face resembles from past. She find that her maid from Joseon also transcended in present day Korea. She also come to know that her husband didn’t die because of heart disease but was poisoned.

At first Kang Tae Ha of Seoul, didn’t believe that Park Yeon Woo is from past but later after he saw some hallucination, and then he did some investigation. Then he started to believe a little bit in Yeon Woo. Will he fall in love with her? Will they end up together?

With a mastery to solve, this drama is enticing. The chemistry of couple is above par. The love story is sensational. According to me it is worth watching.

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The story of park’s marriage contract total episode

The story of park’s marriage contract will have total 12 episodes.

The story of park’s marriage contract Where to watch?

You can watch this drama in Kissasian online and if you want to download it you can prefer MyasianTv. These sites have almost all Korean drama with English subtitles and you can watch them absolutely for free. You can also watch The story of park’s marriage contract kdrama in Rakuten Viki, but it requires subscription.

The story of park’s marriage contract kdrama release date and time

It debuted on MBC TV on November 24, 2023, and airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 21:50 (KST).

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Episodes Download Link

Park’s Marriage Contract ep1

Park’s Marriage Contract ep2

Park’s Marriage Contract ep3

Park’s Marriage Contract ep4

Park’s Marriage Contract ep5

Park’s Marriage Contract ep6

Park’s Marriage Contract ep7 (Alert: Kiss in the end of episode)

Park’s Marriage Contract ep8

Park’s Marriage Contract ep9

Park’s Marriage Contract ep10

Park’s Marriage Contract ep 11

Park’s Marriage Contract ep 12

Park’s Marriage Contract ep 13

Park’s Marriage Contract ep 14

Park’s Marriage Contract ep 15

Park’s Marriage Contract ep 16

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